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159 N 3rd St, Macclenny, FL 32063, USA
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Consumer feedback about Ed Fraser Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Lindsay Douglass

They don't even deserve 1 star. The only reason I go here is because it's right around the corner and can't afford gas $ to go somewhere else. Last time I was here they didn't even check me for what I came in for 1st. They checked me for something completely different 1st. There will literally be 2 people sitting in the waiting room but it will still take them 3 hours to take you back because everyone is just sitting/standing around talking!! I even brought my INFANT SON here because he was having an ALLERGIC REACTION but we just walked out because before they took us in the back it resolved itself!! Glad he was still able to breath!! If I would have lost my son because of their incompetence that hospital would have been DONE!! I can't believe someone gave them a 5 star review must have been a staff member to try and make them look good. WORSE HOSPITAL EVER!!

Rating: 1 /5

Norman Froitzheim

Absolute worst Hospital ever!!! The doctors and staff are completely rude and unprofessional. My daughter waited for hours bleeding profusely and they did nothing to help. My wife slipped and fell coming in the door of the emergency room and hurt herself. It took over 4 hours for my wife to be checked for a back injury. They outright refused to give us a copy of the incident report so she could seek medical help elsewhere! They should not be allowed to withhold medical records among many other things that the do! They should be shut down!

Rating: 1 /5

Kayla Martin

I hate to even give this so called hospital even one star. My 1 year old son and I went because we both fell yesterday and my hand was hurting and his leg was hurting. No doctor or anyone for that matter came in the room for over 2 hours. When the doctor did come in he was treating us as if we didn't need to be there. He asked which one was the emergency and I told him to check my son first, he said he had more people that needed him more than we did. So I was going to a different hospital as I was walking out he comes in and says "where's the kid", I said your extremely rude and unprofessional so I'll take him somewhere else because we seem to not be important in your eyes, He then says "I think there is a different reason you don't want THE kid being seen"! Then he said "I'll make sure to find out the reason you don't want THE KID to be seen" Umm are you serious?? I will never in my life go to this hospital ever again. I will be reporting this hospital and this so called doctor.

Rating: 1 /5

Dustin Cole

Save yourself the anger go to Jacksonville. Dr Abdelmagid will literally laugh at you. He has no bed side manner. Is extremely rough when handling a patient. Terrible attitude. Worst doctor I've ever experienced. To basically tell a patient they are fine and discount everything wrong with them is just wrong. Yea cause I had nothing better to do at 2am other than go to the hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Kyle Anglemyer

The staff was great but the er doctors were terrible the doctor spent less than 30 seconds in room barley looked at problem will never go back nor will I recommend to anyone