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Consumer feedback about Eisenhower Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Noelle Randolph

Eisenhower Health is not only a great place to work. It is an amazing opportunity to make an intangible impact on the lives of extraordinary patients. The enrichment of the culture is definitely of a different caliber. I would absolutely recommend anyone who is looking for excellent health care services and a beyond satisfactory experience. I am so fascinated by the impact that Eisenhower Health has made on the lives of others here in Coachella valley.

Rating: 5 /5

StevieRay Helmbrecht

Every time I come in, it never fails that I encounter someone that I end up loathing because they are beyond rude; however, after being very upset it also never fails that a nurse or doctor comes in and not only does their job, but does an incredible job! If some staff sucks AND other staff is able to not only remedy your feelings towards the original contact you had, but you leave the hospital with a prescription AND a smile on your face it’s a 5 Star place. Way to go Marie (a nurse assisting me at 3/4am with a chipper and loving attitude!)

Rating: 1 /5

nikki bloom

I had a Angiogram done, was told must the Surgeon, appointment was scheduled so I can discuss my options with the physician. I waited two weeks after my Angiogram, finally I was given a appointment with the heart surgeon. Yesterday I received a phone call from the heart Surgeons staff member canceling my appointment for today. No explanation was given other than go and see your Cardiologist he will relate the message from the Heart Surgeon, very unprofessional. I still don’t know what my options are, all I know I have 100% blockages in my adores. My point is avoid Eisenhower Hospital you possibly could jeopardize your life. They have no follow up, no explanation to your illness. The surgery team is a joke, it’s all about making lots of money, living with beautiful weather all year and playing golf.

Rating: 1 /5

Timothy Cleland

I’ve been to many hospitals for some pretty serious health conditions and surgeries. The staff at this hospital had lacked bedside manor and education during every appointment or ER visit I’ve had. Just left the ER now and got a call from the pharmacy saying that the doctors had prescribed me 2 medications that I am allergic to! The Eisenhower system is aware of the allergy and it was also confirmed during triage. Please be careful and go somewhere else if you can.

Rating: 2 /5

Chantal Smith

My Mother was in for an impacted broken femur neck and they performed surgery right away. The surgery was wonderful but they failed to reset her also broken right wrist and a broken pinky on that same hand/wrist. My Mother, a CCU/ICU nurse who worked as head nurse and was specially trained at the mayo, on her third day after surgery went home after pulling the AMA card. Her doctor told her she was internally bleeding and my Mother literally sat up in bed and said “no I am not.. I would know! None of my stats suggest this”. She went home and healed just fine. There was no internal bleeding of course! Feels like they wanted more money out of her. Two years later the wrist that was not reset is like a broken wing that pains her everyday. It can’t be reset now of course and doctors that have taken ex rays back here at the mayo say there is nothing that can be done. The broken pinky that was not cared for in now permanently disfigured and curled under her hand taking her ring and middle finger with it. Each finger has formed these bulbous looking bumps which can be disintegrated with a terribly painful injection that can only be done while the patient is awake. Unfortunately, even this Injection was not possible because the bumps were too large. Well, when they were small she still could not walk, so she couldn’t see anyone about them. This hospital left my mother half fixed after that accident. She can walk again but has almost no use out of her right hand. It’s a godsend she is left handed. The USA, a country where invention of new medical procedures, instrumentation, technique, and procures life saving drugs yet Americans with jobs that pay taxes can’t afford/obtain decent health care coverage and walk out of hospitals with more complex issues than they walked in with? I know it is hard trying to “skin this cat”, but having a heart, having the care to do your job properly.. the fact that this is a problem is the problem. The answer to this lies within us. Do we see what’s wrong and do we want to change it? I do