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Consumer feedback about El Camino Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Jim Jim

They handled the boil on my hang down like a boss. Soft and gentle hands had by all. Back in the saddle again!... gotta get mines. Tip of the cap El Camino!

Rating: 2 /5

Jania January

In addition to the fact that a nurse died of a heart attack here, this hospital is just awful. The first time I visited for a deep cough it turned into a bladder removal procedure which was entirely unnecessary. When I asked the doctor why he removed my bladder, he left the room and I never saw him again. My second visit, a man shot at me in the parking lot and a bullet grazed my shoulder. Though a doctor was right inside the hospital, they refused to treat me, putting a 'closed' sign at the front door. I went to the Santa Clara Hospital the next time.

Rating: 5 /5

Glenn Evans

Six years ago I walked into the ER complaining of shortness of breath and left arm discomfort. I woke up 3 weeks later with a quad bypass (and some really crazy dreams). The doctors, nurses and surgeons had literally pulled me back from death's doorstep more than once during that 3 weeks. My cardiologist, one of the best in the Bay area, recently told me that over 25 years, he had only had 10 or 12 patients who survived what I survived. Thank you everyone at ECH!

Rating: 1 /5

Maria La Barr

Everything was wonderful until Nurse Anne ... our mother was having surgery and my siblings and I come from all over California. I was told that no kids under age 16 can go into PREOP. Unfortunately my babysitter was sick and I had to bring my children but of course not to go into the PREOP. We went into the hospital was greeted by security guards and staff had no problems. Then during my mother’s procedure nurse anne told me that my children can’t be here. I told her I know they are not going into PREOP. She said they couldn’t even step foot in the hospital. I told her my children are fully vaccinated and not sick and there was no else to watch my children. My babysitter had been sick all week so I avoided contact for the sake of my children and mother. She left me alone and then had the audacity to tell me once again while my mother got out of surgery in post op to tell me that my children had to leave. I did not see signs, no other staff, or security guards told me that my children couldn’t even wait in the waiting room. If my kids were disruptive.. I understand but we were just waiting. I had to leave my mother and go home and leave her. She then told me to ask one of my siblings to take my children home. I told her how dare you tell me to tell my siblings to leave their mother . I once cherished this hospital... I delivered here twice..even worked here in the past but I was so saddened and applauded by this nurse. Once I went down they had put signs...trying to cover there tracks that there were signs up..when they weren’t there before. Horrible experience... parents if you have young children ,if you have an emergency with your care taker , know that you will not be part of your family members day in surgery. The day that your most vulnerable and you want to do is be with your family members.. don’t come here!!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Dora Lohas

I’m very sad about the experience I had here. The front desk doesn’t know how to send me to the right department because I’m a new patient here. They asked me to ask Emergency front desk. A guy in the emergency front desk took me right away and asked me to sign all the documents. He didn’t check if I need the emergency service. Only until the end he asked my credit card I realized I was being ripped off. He used my vulnerability and didn’t tell me he right place to go. It’s not efficient and no empathy for patients. I was physically uncomfortable originally, after this experience, I became emotionally very sad also.