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1415 Ross Ave, El Centro, CA 92243, USA
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Consumer feedback about El Centro Regional Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Yakelin Orozco

If the emergency department has not enough beds. They are still checking up on the patients waiting in the waiting rooms. And they are constantly calling patients in to take blood draws and take their vital signs and provide medications while you wait to be taken to a bed. It's better than waiting in the waiting room and having no studies done until you're taken to a bed like other hospitals usually do. Tbh I had a great experience here.

Rating: 5 /5

Sara Richards

All staff at El Centro Regional Medical Center are very courteous friendly & CARING! I noticed that people overall want to be treated like kings& Queens but, it's very important to be patience! TAKE note that the valley has only to hospital's. We ain't royalty!! My experience doing business with ECRMC has been100 % positive. People in general complain about bad service. Same happens at. El Centro pharmacy Walgreens! Customers or Patients should be more understanding to staff! If you don't like the service's, THEN DON'T GET SICK: )

Rating: 1 /5

Haley Hunter

This is by far the most AWFUL hospital I’ve EVER stepped foot in, quite frankly it should be put out of business!! What a SICK JOKE. All they want is money! My father was rushed here by ambulance from Mexico after suffering a stroke where they kept him in a chair in the hallway of their emergency dept before finally putting him in a bed after hourssss then still kept him in the hallway, covered in puke and a ripped gown. The staff barely checked on him, they disregarded the fact that he was puking blood which was not stroke related yet kept giving him blood thinners. A CT scan was done and we were told he did not have a stroke.. an mri was done and we were told he did have a stroke...?! THEN another mri was done?! A dr from San Diego had to explain the findings. 5 days after the stroke they finally tested him to see why he puked blood, all was GI related, blood thinners stopped to keep him from bleeding out. Why this took so long who know?! Social worker didn’t come in to the room until day 5, a Friday, and told my mother (who had been sleeping in a recliner all week, who couldn’t even leave the room long enough to get food ONCE because the nurses BARELY checked on him) they would get him transferred but not until Monday because the dr had gone home and they can’t do authorizations on weekends. COME WEDNESDAY the social worker finally returned. One of the nurses on this same day asked my mother if my dad was drunk?? Umm.. HE HAD A STROKE!!! What kind of UNPROFESSIONAL AND OFFENSIVE staff member asks that??? Are they even real medical providers? Finally my mom discharged my father herself after getting him accepted to a care facility herself in AZ. Dr in AZ looked at all the records from this facility and said they were nearly all incomplete and showed Her no significant information and now.. we have to do all the MRIs and tests over again!!!! This place is a JOKE. Don’t ever bring a loved one here!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Roberto GB

My wife's giving birth process was attended by a very kind, funny and professional team of nurses, they make us felt very good all the time. Thank you very much girls!!! The hospital was clean always.

Rating: 1 /5


Terrible daugther had an appoinmet for a sonogram at 4 got there at 3:30 they didnt call her until 7 and thats because I complained to the receptionist