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20 reviews
MedicalRecords.com Rating 3.4
20 reviews

To access your medical records from El Paso Specialty Hospital after being discharged, you may request copies of the finalized patient record through Health Information Management. You must complete the authorization form in advance to get a copy of your records. El Paso Specialty Hospital believes that your health information is personal and keeps records of the care and services delivered at their facilities. They are committed to keeping health information private and respect patient’s confidentiality.

For an easier retrieval process of El Paso Specialty Hospital medical records, we contact your healthcare providers on your behalf:

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MedicalRecords.com Rating 3.4
(20 reviews)


This hospital schedules appointments and we had to wait to hours the first time here and two hours the second time here. I think it is a racial thing because all the Hispanics were taken before us and we are African American. I am not coming back here again. The front desk staff was very rude an when I ask if they were behind he said no but my appointment was at 8:45am and the lobby was empty before they took us back and it was 11:45. Terrible customer service

Rick Donotknow

Wow, the best care ever seen.. my wife had arthroscopic on knee and we were done in 4 hrs... and she has no pain... Dr Mansfield was very very nice and wow the staff was very courtesy

Antonio Sandoval

I had surgery done by aan excellent physician, Dr. J. Spier and was admitted overnight. The hospital staff was very professional and courteous: Chantell in preop,, the OR staff, Susan in recovery, and all the staff on the floor where I was admitted to. Thank you all.

brian fischer

The pain management section has several systematic failures without correction procedures in place They state its the patients responsinbility to correct their schedualling and billing issues instead of correcting their problems. This has happened to several vets and choice patients

HipHop and Politics

The worse hospital ever! The simple ass doctor was more focused on what other doctors were saying about me than caring for me and I went to another hospital and found out I had cancer! Very terrible place.