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205 S Marengo St, Florence, AL 35630, USA
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Consumer feedback about Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Sharon Wilson

Incompetence!! Doctor did not ask about medicine allergies and prescribed medication that I was allergic to. THANK GOD FOR PHARMACIST. He caught it. I have been to ECM 4 times this year and 3 of those 4 have been VERY DISAPPOINTING. One time was discharged with NO INSTRUCTIONS and they forgot to give me my prescriptions also. I called them when I realized it and was told couldn’t have after you leave. I have always gone to ECM and even defended it when people were talking bad about it. The time has changed I have experienced the BAD!

Rating: 5 /5

sharon manning

This is the finest staffed hospital I've ever been to.very professional from the front door all the way back out.i would trust them with my life.i burned my eyes at work and they didn't waste any time sending me straight back.dante j fountain Thanks again guys. Jan 11

Rating: 1 /5

Deborah Winchester

Dr Flowers asked my mother if she smoked. She said yes. She is 75 and has been very active and drives, cooks, cleans house. Once Dr Flowers, who appeared to be a hippie, found out she smoked, well it s going to kill you. She is 75, is addicted to smoking, is he really dumb enough to think she doesn’t know that. We waited right at 2 hours after we saw him for any type of treatment. He made excuses but I saw him there and going down different hallways. I was angry when he got back to my mother 2 hours later and his words exactly were “ where is the HATE COMING FROM”. I had no hate for anyone, am I not entitled to be angry when my mother is ignored by nurses saying he had written no orders but all her results had been back and at an apathetic DOCTOR , and I use that term loosely. Doctors don’t behave that way. My grandfather always called ECM THE SNAKEPIT, it hasn’t improved! I’ve called administration 3 day, no return call YET!! UPDATE: THE HIPPIE DOCTOR, Dr.Flowers, “ just likes to talk that way””, I was told 4 days later by someone in Administration. If he is the best the can do for a MEDICAL DIRECTOR, ECM REMAINS IN TROUBLE!!! Sorry physician, sorry care!

Rating: 1 /5

Tracy Lynn

I would not even rate this hospital a one star... my husband was in there for bad pancreatitis and the staff was all so rude and plan out MEAN!! All your hear is the nurses gossip and talk about other people that is there.. needless to say they had him on the wrong antibiotics and now he is a brookwood in Birmingham Ended up on the vent for few days... we even had a DOCTOR to tell us if he got sick again don't come back their go to Vanderbilt or UAB...

Rating: 1 /5

Cassandra Harris

This ER is a JOKE! I have a heart condition that I had surgery on 15 yrs ago. From time to time it still acts up. Went in with my resting hr 145. Incompetent ER doc said I was just depressed, anxious and needed to calm down!! He had not even looked at my past medical history. Since I am only 32 it couldn't be my heart! The RUDE, COCKY and HATEFUL male nurse stuck me 3 times before I had to threaten to leave. He finally got someone else. Also another time I was admitted for pancreatitis and my name sticker was put on someone else's bloodwork. If I had not been paying attention I would have been treated by the wrong bloodwork! I see several lawsuits in their future!