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Consumer feedback about Ellis Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Emily OConnor

My daughter was having lots of pain in her right hip so we went first to an urgent care, and we went in immediately. Then we went to an Emergent care, where we had to wait for hours. She was in much pain, and sitting in an uncomfortable waiting room chair was not very helpful. Once we got in she got an X-Ray blood tests and hours of sleepless waiting. They called ahead to the hospital and got a room. We drove to the hospital and entered through the garage. The place was basically empty and a t first we were worried that wouldn't be able to find it, but the sign were actually very helpful. The nurses showed nothing but kind and helpful attitudes(They switched from night shift to day shift while we were there) The doctors did what they had to do and did not stretch it out. The only bad thing was it was her hip, and so she was required to move her pants down a little, and there were like 6 doctors in the room! Maybe a little privacy would be nice! After her stay a man wheeled her out to the garage. Overall her stay was amazing ( Although the hospital food was.... We expected that coming in, its kind of a famous cliche that hospital food is not very good)! The kindness showed to us by the staff here at this hospital was amazing. Thank you to the wonderful people who work there, and showed kindness throughout the night, even at 2 A.M.(Even waking up a sleepy eleven year old to take her vitals, they tried their absolute hardest to make it as comfortable as she could be) Thank you to the peds department at Ellis Hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Douglas Stallmer

Have been waiting for 3 hours to be seen at emergency room with toddler who needs stitches. Others have been waiting for 5, 6, 8 hours. Several people have left without treatment. A 90-year old woman finally left with her family because they had been here for hours, unseen.This place is a mess. Learn how to fast track and staff properly.

Rating: 5 /5

John KaBang

There for surgery and several days after, I was treated well. The room was clean. Housekeeping asked for permission to come in and clean before they did it. Everyone of the staff was polite and friendly. I felt like I was well cared for.

Rating: 1 /5

Brianna Priest

Waited 5 hours before my fiance was seen; Horrible experience. Currently waiting to be seen myself (different day) & ive been waiting for 4 hours to be seen so far. This hospital is the worst place to go to. I definitely don’t recommend this place to anyone. Next time ill travel if i need medical attention.

Rating: 2 /5

Morgan Brownell

Okay let’s get this thing started. I went to the ER for vomiting, diarrhea, horrendous abdominal pain and blood in stool. I waited for probably three hours before I was sent to a room to be seen then another hour or so for a doctor. I’m giving them two stars because at least they did a ct scan HOWEVER they discovered part of my bowel was inflamed (a possible Crohn’s disease symptom) and did NOT give me anything for it! I was there from 1am to 8 am just to be told to go see a GI dr. Later that evening the pain came back and I went to urgent care, the dr there started me on an anti inflammatory steroid right away to try and reduce any damage caused by the inflammation. The next day I went to my primary dr for a follow up and he said the steroid was the right thing to do. So why didn’t the dr at Ellis prescribe it? One of the nurses kept insisting I was pregnant although I wasnt, then 30 seconds later asked me if the blood was from my period...? It seemed as though she assumed I knew nothing about my body. When they did make me take a urine test the bathroom was filthy. It was a mix of decent and obnoxious staff. The woman who first checked me in was very nice and made me feel more comfortable than anyone else I dealt with. My best advice? Go right to Albany med or St. Peter’s if you need to be seen. (Unless it’s something you need help for asap obviously). Make the further drive to get the care you really need.