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Consumer feedback about Elmhurst Memorial Hospital

Elmhurst Hospital - Main Campus
Reviewed from Google

3.5 out of 5 stars

Jenny Bushaw
Jenny Bushaw

2 out of 5 stars

posted 1 day ago

My actual experience with Elmhurst in Hinsdale was great - the doctors and staff are friendly, caring, and don't rush you in and out like most hospitals in the city. HOWEVER, my experience with their billing department made me want to give them a 1-star review.

I received a bill and tried to pay it online but my account number was invalid. So I tried to pay in person but I was rerouted to another department and no one was at the desk. I meant to call but forgot about it (which was my mistake) but never received another bill until it went to collections - I only received the one initial statement. I've NEVER had a bill sent to collections before.

THEN, I received a final notice statement on a separate bill that I had never seen before - they never even sent me the original statement! And it's not like I had moved and they were trying to track me down - I'd been at the same address the whole time. Thank God it arrived before that one was sent to collections too and that my account number actually worked in their online portal.

So either they're completely incompetent, their billing system literally does not work, and/or they have some "special arrangement" with their collections agency... I've never experienced this with any other hospital. Despite their high level of healthcare, I don't care to (willingly) go to Elmhurst again.

Amy Odell
Amy Odell

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Came in to take a general test. I have sat here for 45 minutes while 4 other people who came in after me have been taking in. One who was on time restraint...... well so was I!
Asked for help.... was told to open door & ask..... great service....

Lorena Figueroa
Lorena Figueroa

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

ER is the best hospital and all staff great experience with my mom they always treat her like family this is our second home love them all best hospt.


1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

My wife had our baby here in August 2017. And first off most of the nurses here are amazing. They have the billing so screwed up it is unbelievable. We spend countless hours on the phone every month with Blue Cross. Elmhurst was told many times that the baby was to be put on my insurance, not my wife's. They have double billed almost everything to both of our insurances. When we call and ask them they don't even know how much they've billed to each insurance. Also 9 months later they are still processing bills but they are now dating them in 2018! We have not been there in 9 months!!! I can't even imagine how much money they over bill for every year.
UPDATE. It's another month gone by and it's still screwed up. I called and asked to talk to a supervisor today and sat on hold for 15 minutes before I was disconnected. Called back same thing. Called back same thing
again. I'm convinced they just don't care.
UPDATE. One more month and they still haven't successfully attempted to submit this to my insurance. Our baby is turning one year old and they still have not figured this out. I was told over a month ago by ##Redacted name## that this would be taken care of and it has not even been attempted.
I have never once received a return phone call. I don't think anyone does anything there. I follow up constantly all I hear is "It should be taken care of now". But it never is.
Also just a note. You keep requesting that I contact the email address with my problems and concerns. I have.

D Thomas
D Thomas

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

My son had a medical emergency that kept escalating. We had seen an Urgent care on Monday morning, on Monday night we went to this ER. We returned on Tuesday morning to this same ER as my son had new symptoms, (a fever of 101.8, and swollen feet) He STILL had the excruciating headache, and STILL a soar throat that felt like it was on fire. He also had a very red tongue which had little raised bumps and was soar. Only the nausea and diarrhea had been addressed.

We came to the ER with instructions from our Primary care physician for my son to be admitted for 24 hr. observation. The ER ignored that request. They also did not fully examine my son, nor did the ER ever give a test for flu, but flu was diagnosed practically before the ER doctor even walked into the ER room.

My son, it turns out was having a severe allergic reaction to the dye from a tattoo he had received 72 hrs. prior to our first ER visit. None of the ER staff or doctors ever looked at the tattoo. Yes I did tell them about it. The ER nurse went so far as to ask, "Is it a prison tattoo? No? then don't worry about it." She never looked at it. The Doctor NEVER LOOKED AT IT.

You'd think that that would be part of the exam! When we were able to get into our Primary Care Doctor, it took her 1-minute to look at the tattoo and diagnose his issue. (NO NEW SYMPTOMS, he just wasn't getting better.) All of the symptoms were directly related to the allergic reaction. He immediately went on an antibiotic (One that the ER recommended against his taking), and with in 12 hrs. he was back to normal. No more head ache, no more soar throat, no more swollen feet.

I did contact the patient advocate through this hospital to express my concern and was told by the board that "The treatment was appropriate" and "the symptoms were not present during our visit". Which by the way ALL OF THE SYMPTOMS WERE present, the only thing missing was the ER Doctors and staffs ability to actually LOOK at the tattoo!!

I do not feel that the advocate adequately represented our experience. I feel the board did a poor job of examining the issue. I think the ER doctor and nurse were treating us like we were "over reacting", and just wanted us to go home and stop wasting her time. I was given all kinds of attitude about being admitted as our primary doc had instructed. I also know that I will never use the Elmhurst ER again.

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