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Consumer feedback about Emory University Hospital Midtown

Rating: 1 /5


Emergency room wait hours are entirely too long. Arrived at this hospital at 11am and didn't get seen until 2am. Nurses are not friendly. Staff lied to my family. This is a learning hospital so, both interns and doctors examine you here.

Rating: 5 /5

Camille Sierra

The staff was amazing. This was my first surgery and I wasn’t able to go back to my home state to be with family for the surgery. The anesthesiology staff were relatable and treated me with positive energy and great care. I immediately felt comfortable with them. The hospital was clean. I was previously scheduled at another hospital with extremely poor ratings and switched to this hospital and I am so happy I made that decision. I highly recommend this hospital at least for outpatient surgeries.

Rating: 1 /5

BreaH SaraH

I have never had such an awful experience. I had to wait 6 hours for a surgery that was scheduled at 10am and didn't happen till 4pm. Not only did I feel disrespected as a patient. but as a human being. Seeing as my surgeon and doctors acted as if they were better than I because of how long they have been here. I've delt with physical problems changing dressings and doing wound care for the past 7 years that I know what my body wants and needs. the only good thing about my stay was my nurse. Thank you Ma for making me feel better.

Rating: 5 /5

Roni Hudson

My daughter had a emergency preterm c section and the staff have all been wonderful. The doctors and nurses listen to our concerns and gave us reasonable options. After delivery her L&D made sure all that was needed was taken care of. I can't say enough about the professionalism and the clinical competency I noted from her nurses and nursing assistant. Her special care nurses were all attentive to her and the baby's needs, her lactation nurses came to see her everyday and were willing to assist her as needed. Her medical record worker, her social worker, her cafeteria worker were all very pleasant and caring. The "Ala cart" meal service was one of her favorite conveniences. We love this hospital and would recommend it highly. Thank you for the Ronald McDonald house!

Rating: 1 /5

3PJ Flyz Peoples III

It began around 2:30 a.m. I received a call from my doctor advising me to get to emergency. Having asthma and Multiple Sclerosis he deemed it necessary to be checked. Barely able to breath and unable to swallow without pain. Having barely eaten in over a week. This staff for the night was very unprofessional. Unhelpful. Caught up in a who checking who out conversation Instead of a concern for the two people in the emergency waiting. I arrived 5min to 3:00a.m. There was one person in the lobby. Only one. I waited to 6:45 am before I walked out. After being refused water. And being talked to as if I was inconveniencing them. Please note... The gentleman who drew my blood isn't part of this review he was cool. The Staff besides him are an embarrassment to your hospital . Lack of tack, respect for themselves and your medical establishment. Embarrassment. Even the nurse taking information .She never looked at me talked sideways as I wasn't there. Horrible attitude. But I'm sure you know this already. This is practiced behavior. To end I finally walked out at 7a.m unseen. Then called my doctor. Then went to another facility. We're they took my vitals and got fixed up. Diagnosis bronchitis infection. This isn't the first time you let down. But it's the last