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Consumer feedback about Essentia Health St Joseph's Medical Center

Steve Lendobeja
Steve Lendobeja

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Going to the ER is not an experience anyone wants deal with.

I had suddenly become VERY sick and was referred by urgent care to go to the ER.

I received the best care ever. The nurses, physician assistant and doctors were very caring.

Thanks for helping me get back to normal. -Steven

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

Nothing for a kid to do while their parent is in the er. Got scolded for trying to get my child to stop messing with stuff so I tried just keeping him with me and then got kicked out for my child screaming because I couldn't get him to stop. Not child friendly at all worst er waiting room ever.

Andrew Nyberg
Andrew Nyberg

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I wish there was an option to give them no stars.

My wife went there on 3 different occasions. All 3 times she gave them her insurance that I get from work.

Everything went fine, they took our insurance information and said it was all correct. Only to be sent a bill 2 months later. Which was odd. So we called Essentia and they said they did not have record of our insurance. So we gave it to them. They assured us everything would be taken care of.

Fast forward another month: another bill. This time they say Blue Cross Blue Shield rejected the bill. We call BCBS and they claim they never got a bill sent to them. After some complaining to Essentia they assure us everything will go through, again!

Another month, another bill. Essentia claims that BCBS rejected the bill, again. Now they are threatening to send the bill to collections. Threatening us for THEIR mistakes! Called BCBS, again, no bill has ever been sent to them.

This was all over the past year from November of 2017 until right around August of 2018.

It is now Nov 2018 and my wife called Essentia to make sure everything has gone through. Nope! The bill is still sitting there and once again they claim BCBS rejected the bill. Called BCBS and AGAIN they say they never received any bills.

Essentia is a trash company. Do anything and everything to avoid it all costs. Not sure if the people that work there are just stupid or if they are intentionally trying to scam people. DO NOT GO TO ESSENTIA!

EDIT: Essentia commented asking to take concerns to them. I emailed them and have had no response. This company is a joke. Until we can get this resolved my rating will remain 0 stars. I only put 1 because I cant go any less than that.

EDIT #2 (5 months later): After months of not getting anywhere with Essentia even after they tried contacting us and assuring everything was taken care of, it wasnt. Again threatening us with sending our bill to collections and not forwarding it through Insurance. Our insurance still stands by the fact that they never received any bills from Essentia. So we decided to just pay the damn bill and get it over with and set up an auto payment plan. Being assured that the autopayments will be taken out monthly and make sure we are not charged extra or sent to collections. ...3 months later and we get a bill WITH LATE FEES...we called Essentia and they told us that the original "payment plan" was set up as a one time payment only.

They are completely and utterly incompetent and use their marketing teams to pretend like they care and know what they are doing. They dont. Dont be fooled by their responses.


Little Amanda
Little Amanda

3 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Wait time to get back to a room was ridiculous, over 1.5 hours. When i asked about it i was told all rooms were full. When we finally got called back, 10 min after i asked, we passed multiple empty rooms. Dr was great and everything went fast after we were finally in the room. But for an emergency room they are VERY slow getting people in rooms to see a dr. Only gave 3 stars cuz the dr and nurse were awesome otherwise it would have been 1.

Kyle Mccready
Kyle Mccready

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I got sent here from Urgent Care in baxter. I went in with what I assumed to be kidney stone pain. They ran the CT scan and said they hadn't found anything so they went back to the original diagnosis of sciatica. The doc ended up sending me away with a prescription for muscle relaxers after arguing about when I filled my last prescription (he thought the current month was JANUARY. I, under the influence of morphine, politely informed him it is currently FEBRUARY). Today, 2-18, I ended up in urgent care with the same pains. Turns out kidney stones WERE PRESENT on the CT scan, though nobody bothered to inform me of this and actually told me 'the scan came back clear'. I only found out I was correct on assuming kidney stones when the urgent care doctor said it was noted in my chart!? I'll be filing formal complaints on the doctor with the state medical board as soon as possible because this doesnt feel right. Finally on meds to get rid of my kidney stones with absolutely 0 help from st Joe's. Muscle relaxers!? Come on..