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Consumer feedback about Eureka Springs Hospital, Llc

Eureka Springs Hospital
Reviewed from Google

2.6 out of 5 stars

Preston Mitchell
Preston Mitchell

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

My mother arrived at the ES Hospital with one foot in the grave. She was unconscious and her life was fading away fast. She had seconds left when ER Dr. Parkhurst pulled her away from death's grip. His medical brilliance and quick heroic actions saved her from dying.

The highly trained intensive care nurses AND RESPIRATORY THERAPIST JAMES spent the next 5 weeks keeping her alive and getting her on the road to recovery...and back to her home.

The ES Hospital Staff was extremely compassionate to my mother, me, and other family members during the ordeal.

I am eternally grateful to the ES Hospital -- and God too, of course -- for restoring my mom to me.

Many Locals speak ill of our little Historic Hospital. They are dead wrong.

Sure, the Hospital is ancient. Their equipment is vintage. BUT IT IS THE PEOPLE THERE THAT SAVE LIVES ... and they really care about saving lives. They treat EACH PERSON as their personal 'rescue' mission. You don't get that kind of high-level personal care from a big city hospital.

And special thanks to Catherine Pappas of ES Hospital for strong-arming Medicare into letting my mom have an extra week to recover ... which made a big difference.

Wigglez Wagz
Wigglez Wagz

3 out of 5 stars

posted 4 days ago

Side entrance smells like weed! Staff is very old. This is a tiny town hospital - if you want a big town hospital go to a big Fayetteville!

amy napoli
amy napoli

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

The staffing nurses were sweet to my 92year old aunt ,but Catherine Pappas is a lying woman who claims accomplishments that are not hers she lies,gives bad advice,and does no know proper procedures I Medicare situations .she had me running circles of uselessness. Until I made my own calls and fixed insurance issues. Claims she got my aunt placed bbn in a nursing home ,where in reality I did all the leg work and all I got from her were threats that they would release my ain't to the street no matter what "she had to go". I placed a call to Brighton Ridge ,which I had planned to do the same Monday, since I got insurance fixed on Friday. And even admin in the NH felt she was rude and bulldogging in her office . Catherine never even made a call to them at all!!!and lied about that . When we met she asked bbn if I wanted her in meeting I told her I knew how to talk with these folks and she came in anyway . She is a rude ,lieing,individuale who has no business saying she cares for people when she is only out for herself .. I worked very hard and I got her placed and she almost lost the place I had been arranging with her pushy rude attitude . Avoid this hospital at all costs. Oh years ago when my husband burned his face up in an accident they tried to have me take him home and drive him next day to little rock. Yup second degree burns over whole face and had to take out a book to read how to care for a burn patient .

Emma Fulton
Emma Fulton

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

My husband was injured during a fall on some stairs down town and broke his back. The emergency room staff was disrespectful, rude, and unsafe. They were rough with his back even after he's X-rays and he was diagnosed with a L1 fracture. The nurses were unable to be professional and told them things like "do you always take your problems out on other people?" and while in sever pain and before he was given any medications or treatments of any kind he was told to be quite and stop complaining. When told my husband is a MARINE CORP VETERAN he has them TEASED by the nurses saying things like "they don't make marines like the used to". HIS BACK WAS BROKEN!!
After my husband was transferred to a ACTUAL hospital via ambulance it was discovered by the ACUTAL doctor that he SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENT VIA HELICOPTER. My husband was NOT SAFE until he arrived at a different hospital. My husband was NOT SAFE in the hands of the staff at Eureka Springs.

james dean
james dean

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

This is called a hospital it is a joke, they asked me to bring in my granfathers medications from home eliquis a blood thinner what a joke dont they have a pharmacy? Go to mercy rogers if you can make it. Dr.daidone is a pain dr who lost his lisence from prescibing pain medicaton to family. Oh he is great ya real great writes meds to family? Look it up pain clinic closes in nwa under his name why lisense suspended. But he great for holiday island? Oh is he? Catherine Pappas a hospital executive lies to the public lies to your face and keeps a a straight face while she makes stories up and says oh i care oh no she doesnt she lies told me Dr.Daidone was a great dr and he was not a pain dr he cant write pain medicines well i now know why he can't state of Arkansas wont let him.He is not good enough for our community....... neither is eureka springs hospital it smells in there out dated old equipment. Dr bell was the best thing in that place he s gone now retired. As for catherine pappas i dont know how she tells you untruths before fact checking she is not qualified to be in a high position in a hospital she is deceitful and is not good for our community at all liers are not good for people, that clinic is never open either hello!!!