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Consumer feedback about F F Thompson Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Robin Healy

Staff should take some classes on customer service. I'm shocked their customer satisfaction is at 60% as posted in the hall by the nurses station. My disabled brother who cannot talk, or walk wasn't spoken to by most (not all) of the nurses. He is not able to express his desires in a standard way. And has been accused of assaulting the nurses because he spit and scratched them. My husband who was trying to help protect the nurses, was thrown out of the hospital for alledged abuse by trying to protect the nurses. This hospital has a long way to go to improve customer satisfaction. I wish this was the exception but this is our 4th visit and each has been a horrible experience. I wonder how disabled patients without family members involved get treated.

Rating: 1 /5

Colleen Leong

Went in for a head injury to ER about eight years ago and this incident STILL bothers me. Needed one staple to close up a wound. Not too sympathetic; tried to be friendly, while in pain, to let him know that I never had a staple or a stitch before...pushed my head back hard into bed and administered without any personal empathy and or explanation of what "he" was doing...and left the room without anything to say! What!? In the people business!? NOT! 😟 Have not returned.

Rating: 1 /5

Minturn Farms

Very slow service,spent 9 hours there when my daughter was there for internal bleeding.Took over 6 hours of waiting before she was even seen. The nurses were friendly,but the atmosphere was too casual and laid back.Not what you want to see when a loved one is in pain and suffering.Gonna look elsewhere next time.

Rating: 3 /5

Thom Beauchamp

I had the opportunity to see the inside of the emergency room. I sliced my toe with a Ninja blender and went in for a DTP shot and stitches. Unfortunately, they didn't do the stitches. They used the superglue but only on the exterior surface. I was out of the ER for only 2 hours. I walked across the grass with shoes on when the glue split and the cut was open and bleeding again. I took care of it with simple first aid (learned in the BSA) and some steristrips/butterflies for the next 2 weeks so it would heal properly. The superglue might have been a good idea if it a location that didn't move or bend, but not a toe. Still had to pay full price. :-(

Rating: 1 /5

shawn smith

Worst ER in the world judgmental snobby Best MRI experience though turns out I do have a trare in my shoulder like i was trying to explain to the NP I do have a TBI and got frustrated because its hard for me to explain things and I shouldn't have to more training and awareness is needed for TBI survivors just because I say say something when I'm frustrated doesn't mean I'm actually going to do it