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1100 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703, USA
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Consumer feedback about Fayetteville Ar Va Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Stacey Lenz

My father was transferred to the VA hospital in Fayetteville from Cox in Branson, MO in December. His condition was quite bad at the time and he was hospitalized for a total of 2 weeks. Aside from a small inconvenience on discharge, we can both say that the care he received was 1st rate all the way from everyone involved in his treatment. When tests or procedures were ordered, they were done quickly. He had everything he needed. He had assistance available when he called on it. His social worker/s were efficient, responsive and quick to follow up. Nurses were stellar in communication. Volunteers were a wonderful asset as well. Overall, folks could not have been nicer. We feel very fortunate to have had such a stellar experience. I hope that all veterans admitted to this facility receive the same level of outstanding care.

Rating: 1 /5

Nicole Barnett

If there was an option for zero stars, that would be my rating. My boyfriend has been to the VA multiple times while he is waiting to establish a primary physician with the VA clinic in Branson - we live in Springfield. The first two visits, the doctor was receptive, listened to what was going on, and gave medically appropriate treatment. The third time was a totally different story. The nursing staff were very unprofessional - making offhanded comments about patients and their families, arguing with each other, and generally just being unpleasant. As someone who works in a medical setting, I was really taken aback that this behavior was so prevalent and no one was doing anything about it. The new doctor didn't seem to know what he was doing. My boyfriend has a degenerative back problem, which will require surgery soon (was told this by the first doc we saw at the VA), and his pain is so bad that it is a struggle to even get him to sit in the car for the three hours it takes to drive down there. He has tried Physical Therapy but has been told he has to get his pain level down via medication before he could make any progress and will not see him until his pain level is down and he has had an MRI. The new doctor basically implied that there was no treatment available, even though the previous doctor gave muscle relaxers and tramadol before which had worked and recommended the MRI, and was extremely dismissive of not only his pain level - but how his quality of life is being affected. Once we were driving home, we looked again at the discharge instructions, and realized he had been treated under the guise of another patient - they got the charts confused. So basically they violated HIPPA, did not give my boyfriend medically appropriate care, and made no attempt or offer to remedy the situation by bringing him back and providing care based on HIS chart, not a stranger's. A week later and still no call to check on his condition, even though they realize their mistake. It seems like if you have serious non-cancer pain, you will be treated like a lowly addict just for asking for muscle relaxers and mild pain meds. I guess four years serving your country does not earn you respect and care at the VA in Fayetville.

Rating: 5 /5

Gene Ballay

After four days of low abdomen pain and misery, my local va clinic told me to go to fayetteville va hospital er. These people were great. Diagnosed diverticulitis with ct scan, gave me iv of antibiotics and pills to take home. This va hospital was far, far better than the local er that I took my son to last year.

Rating: 5 /5

Kala Johnson

Staff and Dr. David took care of my needs immediately and professionally. 5 STAR

Rating: 1 /5

Ronnie Dell

I consumed legal cannabis while in Colorado. I get get back and after testing positive (duh!, I mentioned ahead of time) was denied further treatment and refill of medication. Can't wait and take test again either. I did nothing wrong. Guess I'll just suffer until VA changes archaic, harmful rules which will probably be never.