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Consumer feedback about Flagler Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Michelle Wells

Just delivered my baby at Flagler hospital last weekend. What an amazing experience! They really go above and beyond!!! Brice & Brenda were so kind to us and took such amazing care of us! I will never forget those two they made such a lasting impression on my family! The hospital food is good too! I am so satisfied with my experience I wish there was more I could do rather than a review!!!!

Rating: 4 /5

Janet Brown

This is a pretty good small town hospital. Nice, clean, with polite people. The emergency room is too small for the amount of patients they receive and they do not have a separate waiting room for pediatrics. That said, the doctors seemed pretty good. our doctors and nurses were very professional and well mannered. The wait time was very long, like any hospital, but all in all it was a pretty good experience. I have got to hand it to the doctors and nurses in the emergency room for staying so calm cool and relaxed when they are under so much pressure.

Rating: 1 /5

james mayo

Only come to this hospital if you want to die they're not good for anything they've almost killed my girlfriend with Crohn's disease now multiple times since she's been admitted if you have Crohn's disease stay away from this hospital all the doctors are incompetent when it comes to G.I. do yourself a favor and never go to Flagler Hospital , if you have any type of G.I. problem and Dr. Soto is your doctor she will choose you're being a drug attic before she actually does the test needed to see if you're in any pain such as a CAT scan or exam in the feces this doctor will kill you because they are not a G.I. doctor but like to think they have some type of knowledge of the GI track. Don't be fooled Dr. Soto can barely even read a CAT scan so whatever you do avoid this doctor at all costs.

Rating: 2 /5


Flagler has a moral responsibility to demonstrate hope and compassion, otherwise known as common human decency, particularly toward people who are ill and in need of the staff's warmth and encouragement. The "surgeon" that I dealt with was affiliated with Flagler with an office there. I would characterize that individual as almost pathologically insensitive - seemingly enjoying my excessive nervousness - and was also domineering, challenging, sneering and intimidating. My experience with the rest of the actual Flagler staff followed suit to a degree: abrupt, cold, phony and incapable of telling the truth regarding the expectation of wound care - their wounding btw - after a procedure. I spent an inordinate amount of time arguing about getting antibiotics that I clearly needed and records that I had a perfect right to, and were obviously required elsewhere. This hospital is weirdly "cultish" with regard to women's issues. All the creepy, dripping ribbons are worn like uniforms - reminiscent of of Jim Jones and his koolaid drinkers - with all the sardonic smiles and carefully chosen words to make sure no patient dare be too confident that he or she might actually anticipate a decent outcome. The staff just seems to relish maximizing stress. A certain radiologist even mentioned to me - seriously, lest I be too trusting - that I had no need to worry about a punctured lung. Gee, thanks. Hadn't even occurred to me until then. The cubicles are horrible: most are draped in posters of every conceivable disease to unnerve the poor, long awaiting patient, who by then is so duly cowed and deeply depressed I suppose as to be more malleable, but then there's another term for the that kind of sinister décor and cold treatment better described as torment, and frankly, for a hospital to engage in that kind of callousness is flat out inhumane. The only reason this review gets two stars instead of none which is impossible here on Google, is that the young staff in emergency that I encountered was actually surprisingly kind. The rest of the hospital could really use some "sprucing up," with a moral and KIND management - and if it's not in place, it should be replaced - making a point through a number of meetings to explain how hope and encouragement are paramount to the healthy, happy outcome of the misfortunate. Also a little budget to add a few beautiful, natural, inspirational paintings instead of the blatantly lurid, ugly, faded disease posters adorning the cell like waiting rooms might be in order. I can't even imagine a six year old sitting there. "Gee, what's that, Mommy??" And as far as the surgeon I dealt with?? The word demonic comes to mind. But not to worry, the "doc"made sure payment was up front, wisely so. As far as competency is concerned?? Who knows but I can take an educated guess. The administration alone couldn't get my phone number right after HOW MAY CORRECTIONS?? And that's just the administration. So as far as a successful surgery is concerned - well, let's just say I suspect it's a real gamble, enough that a patient's odds are probably better someplace else!!

Rating: 5 /5

sylvia gortz

I had outpatient surgery. From check in to discharge, everyone was terrific. The nurses top notch. Dr Hsu was awesome, and my anesthesiologist was great. The hospital is very professional. The care shown to the patients is excellent. Overall A+!