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Consumer feedback about Flint River Community Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Mandy Knight

I would actually give negative 5 stars, these may be the rudest people on the planet, most should not even be allowed to work at a humane society. They act like they are the final authority and have no human compassion, they made me sign a paper the first night saying I wouldn't quit smoking, gave me cigarettes then almost repeatedly brought me Robitussin. Wow, they refused me a phone call to let anyone know where I was, called me a meth head, no compassion, the Dr is on a computer and your not allowed to be released until u agree to take there medicines they prescribe weather there's anything wrong with you or not, I would highly recommend you not even send your dog. There is nothing therapeutic there, just a bunch of jailers, with food that will kill you faster than suicide. I hope the patients all get out and then it burns to the ground. Signed a pissed off patient. P. S all of u working there should be investigated and jailed. Truly

Rating: 1 /5

Gabrielle Tollerson

Most horrid hospital in existance. People who give in T 5 stars really need to reconsider your mentality. Staff are disgusting towards patients,food I would not call food, there are roaches,nothing to keep the patients happy! Might as well lock people up in a box other if you're considering here! SHUT DOWN ASAP

Rating: 1 /5

Cheyanne Converse

This place is more like jail shower our gross food is horrible the nurses are rude I don't like the fact you see the doctors on a computer

Rating: 1 /5

bre mannin

I wouldnt brin animal her

Rating: 5 /5

Philip Jones

I am an RN who works and has worked in several behavioral settings. Flint River Hospital is also Riverside Treatment Center, with medical and behavioral settings. Would like to comment on some of the negative criticism expressed by a couple of reviewers. One comment states patient "held against will", this is true of most behavioral admits here and elsewhere. Patients are judged by an ED MD, judge, or officer of the law to be a danger to themselves or others and as such are not allowed to leave until cleared by a psychiatrist, vastly different from a medical admit where the patient may freely leave against medical advice. Another comment concerned limited "visiting hours". Yes they are here and at most behavioral facilities, in fact, some have no visiting hours at all. Again this is for the safety of all concerned. This limits the possibility of contraband items being entered into a facility. Also this is a very unstable population and it is difficult to ensure the safety of visitors in facilities such as this. With regards to the direct care staff and nursing, as an experienced nurse I can honestly say this staff is as dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring as anywhere I have worked.