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4545 N Hunt Hwy, Florence, AZ 85132, United States
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Consumer feedback about Florence Hospital at Anthem, Llc

Rating: 1 /5

Nikki Mod

I wish I could give NO STARS! If you can go somewhere else I would recommend that you do that. Save the time and trouble. I have been here several times and each visit has been the same. Very rude unfriendly staff and doctors. One time I came in for allergic reaction and couldn't breath the front desk was more worried about how nice my nails were than trying to get me looked at as quickly as possible. A lot of mis diagnosing. Make you feel like you're a burden for coming into the ER. Fairly fast to get to a room. Wait time in the room is long and unprofessional for a empty hospital. I would never go back again!!!

Rating: 3 /5

Draper Family

I brought in a sick child during a late Saturday evening (around 9:30pm) and they got us in quickly, listened to my concerns/explanations, and checked for the likely issues. Place is a little dated looking in the patient rooms, but it has all the necessary equipment and knowledgeable staff. Like any doctor, you have to speak up and say what is going on, but they listened and when I said my piece, they explained what they saw and made sure things were fine.

Rating: 2 /5

Kristina Nodal

The ladies in the front really nice and fast. But omg the nurses and doctor had a very bad attitude. Asked stupid questions and i had to ask them to chexk my sons breathing and ears for infection. They didnt seem like a normal group. Doctor seems like he was a body builder never made eye contact didnt knock on the door just walked in scaring the poop out of my son. Bad experience wont ho back unless last resort

Rating: 1 /5

Brandy Contreras

If you could go somewhere else, please do!! Long story... My grandmother, a normally very active and responsive individual, fractured her spine. While waiting to be referred to a specialist, she became ill and we were unable to help her around because she became extremely dehydrated and weak to the point where she was even unresponsive and not opening her eyes when we spoke to her! The ambulance brought her to this Emergency Room. The ER doctor was going to prescribe her pain meds for her back and send her home. I questioned this decision, explaining how she is weak and immobile, hasn't had anything to eat and drink for going on three days, is in extreme pain and even unresponsive!! This doctor was extremely offended that I questioned him and told me that he has been doing this job for more than 15 years and he will just tell me how it is. That when someone gets "too old" and the family can no longer care for them, that we need to start looking at assisted living facilities! This is after looking at my grandmother for all of 5 seconds... She has a literal BROKEN BACK!! And now some sort of illness on top of that! Before her injury she was just fine! Can we address her illnesses and injuries?! They decided to run some tests, she had pneumonia and severe uti, making her very ill. They decided to admit her to the hospital for those conditions, but we were told that they will not address her BROKEN BACK and they sure enough didn't the ENTIRE time she was there, since she was admitted, even though they ran a CAT scan and SAW the fractured vertebrae. They refused to send us out to a different hospital that would be better able with specialists and technology to address all her medical concerns. I felt it became a matter of offended pride. The ER doctor told me he was sorry to "foil" my plans when I asked to be referred to another place that could be of better help for her medical needs. Really my only plan was to get my grandmother proper medical care, which should have been his plan too? They didn't find it a concern that she was unresponsive! they assumed that since she was elderly, that this was the end of the road for her instead of trying to figure out why she was weak, unresponsive and in extreme pain :/ If I could rate the nursing staff however, I would give them a million stars! They were compassionate and amazing despite the doctors that work there.

Rating: 5 /5

Shari H

Fast, courteous and efficient! I'm so glad I went here instead of an Urgent Care. I received a splint, prescription and doctor referral and was on my way home within an hour.