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601 E Rollins St, Orlando, FL 32803, United States
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Consumer feedback about Florida Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Chris Godfrey

No place is without its flaws, but the majority of the staff that I came across gave me the sense that they truly care about service. The ratio of staff who were compassionate and helpful FAR outnumbered those who did not (like 9 to 1 with no exaggeration). When I didn't understand certain medical terms, they broke it down for me so I could better understand the care and treatment my sibling was receiving. Keep growing and doing what you do! Lastly, what I didn't understand at first is that there are a number of hospitals that go by the title Florida Hospital in the area. I'm speaking for the one I experienced which I think is referred to as "Orlando". Not sure where the other locations are

Rating: 4 /5

Kennedy Lemieux

My wait happened to be very long that day. Dr. Justin Mauldin had impeccable bedside manner.

Rating: 1 /5

Lydia Slimani

Florida hospital is the worst place I had ever seen in my life. Unprofessional workers and bad service. They put me and put my baby boy at risk of infections when I gave birth. One of there doctors broke my water to open my cervix and induce labor then they left the baby inside me for18 hours and when they found out baby's heartbeat was not stable they did in emergency c section. After I gave birth my baby's blood started to fight infection and then they put him on antibiotics for 2 days now thank God he is doing good . I had to stay for 7 days at the hospital because of the damage they caused inside my body. I told them at the hospital that i was having a fever and i was sweating every day but they were not concerned they said it's something normal after delivery. Twenty days later I got tested and my Doctor found out I'm having infection and I have to treat myself. Because I'm still sick I can't enjoy the time with my newborn and my husband.For the nurses each one of them had to take care of 4 patients plus their newborns that's means when you need them you don't find them you have to wait hours then somebody will come to assist you. Also, if you want to eat something don't wait for them because they will bring your lunsh at 4: 00 addition, they don't even now how to place simple order. If you have ordered milk you will get mushed potato😰😰. Please don't waist your time, money and your health in this place.

Rating: 5 /5

Stephanie Aponte

Showed up at 4am with a medical emergency and the entire team from start to finish was excellent.

Rating: 5 /5

Melissa Harrison

The Rollins Florida (South) hospital is Absolutely Amazing! My husband Michael is a temporary patient here. From what I've seen and asked of him Michael says he is very well taken care of. The staff go above and beyond to make sure he's fed and his stay is as comfortable as possible. Michael highly recommends this hospital for any type of care or need. As a personal experience I was totally blown away by one of the wonderful nurses taking care of Michael( I think her name was Sandra on the 4th floor) she gave me hug when I found out that Michael needed to be moved to another floor for chemo. The gesture was so sweet, heartfelt, and deeply appreciated that it lifted a temporary weight off my shoulders. The food is great and healthy in their cafeteria if you don't want the regular hospital food for a change.