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60 Memorial Medical Pkwy, Palm Coast, FL 32164, United States
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Consumer feedback about Florida Hospital Flagler

Rating: 5 /5

Lorraine Mc

Dr. Alter and staff are amazing!! I had a total hip done 3 weeks ago at Florida Hospital Flagler...I am without pain and the staff at Florida Hospital Flagler follow Dr. Alter's plan of care without a hitch!! Thank you all that made (is making) my recovery a very smooth one!! PS..JOE TAG!! Anesthesiologist!! Has got to be the BEST around!!! Thank you JOE!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Tasha Parker

Thank you all for your reviews. It's very important to me that with my health issues I find the best Hospital and Dr's in Florida with atleast 3.5 stars or more. My choice was to move to the Palm Coast area but, I need to be near a hospital where I won't have these issues that you've all experienced. If the doctor's and staff is like this I want no parts of it. Guess my search will continue, I have until September. Blessings to you all..

Rating: 5 /5

Marlon Cox

I originally went to the Florida Memorial hospital with a 2" sliver in my arm Saturday and the PA and doctor weren't able to remove it! Totally Incompetent! It was left in my arm to fester for 3 days until I decided to go to Florida Hospital Flagler emergency room where I was Immediately taken in and prepped for surgery to get it out! I was both pleasantly shocked and surprised! The staff was great, friendly, skilled and knowledgeable. I am So relieved to have that thing out of my arm! My thanks and gratitude to the doctor, nurses and staff at the hospital!

Rating: 5 /5

Mike West

Dr. Livingston and PA Dennis rook awesome care of my soon to be 3 year old granddaughter suffered a broken left clavicle from a fall. She was obviously in extreme pain, and was taken back immediately to the Rapid Assessment Area. I saw Dr. Livingston, whose bedside manner and kindness is 3nd to none. Her treating doctor was a PA, Dennis. Being that Florida Hospital Flagler has very little pediatric specialties, her nurse, Amy, and the 2 x-ray techs all were awesome. Thanks for making a scary time somewhat better for my grandbaby!

Rating: 1 /5

linda ercolino

I was taken to ER after an accident with a bloody nose, black eye and sore ribs. Was put in room and ignored. Never received any treatment, not an x-ray, not even an ice pack or wash cloth to clean my bloody hands and face. I got disgusted and signed out. I used to work there. The place is dangerous.