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4370 W Main St, Dothan, AL 36305, USA
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Consumer feedback about Flowers Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Hannah McDonald

My father was admitted to this hospital and had a terrible experience. I don't think this review will make a difference at Flowers, but I hope it will help someone make a choice to go to another hospital. My dad had surgery and almost 48 hours later he still had not been given food. We asked the nurse to see if he could eat and it turns out he had been cleared to be on a liquid diet 24 hours after surgery. Nurses are very apathetic -- we did have a couple good nurses so there are some out there -- but most couldn't care less. They did not empty his drain when it was full and we had to call multiple times to get help. We asked the nurse if he could take a shower and she said she would be right back to get him ready.... an hour later she had not shown up and the head nurse came in. She told one of the other nurses to help us get him disconnected and taped up for a shower but she never showed up. His IV drip alarm went off that there was an air bubble in the tube. The nurse came in, barely looked at it, blamed the machine for acting up and walked away. It went off again... and we found the air bubble. This is a serious issue and she acted like it was no big deal. There is a serious lack of compassion at this hospital and it is a damn shame. Their care was once the best in Dothan but I am sad to say that is not the case anymore. I would highly advise you to take your loved ones to another hospital if you want them to receive adequate care. I cannot stress enough how disappointed I am in the lack of care at this facility.

Rating: 1 /5

Ann Navarra

Awful experience. Witnessed lack of compassion and professionalism. If I wasn't there everyday to provide care for my mother, she would have not been properly cared for. Housekeeping, communication and response times were atrocious! Dirty rooms and cross contamination, placing clean linen on top of garbage pail for example; but many more instances. So many errors I couldn't possibly list all! There were some really great doctors and nurses, but unfortunately there were more bad than good!

Rating: 1 /5

Gwyn Bramer

I'll I have to say is if you have a elderly loved one in this hospital you need to stay with them. The care is pathetic if I could rate a negative zero I would. This is my third experience so it's not a fluke problem . Even when your there with your family member who is sick no one cares no one tends to any of the patients you would probably be better off at home. Your treated as if your not there like you are DEAD. Complaining does nothing. So basically plan on moving in and becoming a doctor and a nurse possibly a tech and your loved one hopefully will survive. Health care SUCKS!!!! THE END

Rating: 1 /5

Bill Rodgers

Went in for outpatient surgery. Was told up front how much my copay and expense would be, and was offered a discount to pay up front. At the time I thought that was great. I'm glad healthcare had come this far. I could go ahead and pay for it and not have to worry about it while I was recovering. Turns out that was fabricated information to encourage a payment. Not only was there not a discount, they sent me a bill for over 6x that amount. The service is great, but they aren't going to be upfront or honest about charges. It'll probably cost an organ to settle your account if you have insurance. If you don't have insurance: They charge exponentially more. The following numbers are from my statement. Total charges: $61,270.88 Insurance payments: -$1,796.13 Payments to date: $200.00 Adjustments: -$58,025.88 Account balance: $1,248.87 That means for a $3,050 procedure they charge $61,270.88 Think about that for a minute before you decide against the drive across town. I'm giving 1 star because that's as low as I can rate them. I would rate them lower if I could.

Rating: 5 /5

marina johnson

I want to thank Dr. Lamb for his caring bedside manner. He is truly an awesome doctor! Also special thanks to Linda,Mandy,Gina,Shandra and Dorothy who are fantastic nurses of the Digestive Disorder Team. They are all a great team with professional and friendly attitudes. Dr. Lamb is one of the best if not the best around. God has blessed me with a gracious and attentive doctor who has true concern for my welfare. This is a rarity these days.Thank you all so much again. Sincerely, Marina Johnson