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4500 Parsons Blvd, Flushing, NY 11355, USA
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Consumer feedback about Flushing Hospital Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Soza Stasa

The worst hospital ever. If I could I'll leave -000 star. The doctors are butcher not doctors they only think how to take the money from your insurance and always find something to go there every two weeks. Their told me to don't keep my baby only because my wife had the diabetics. I have done the transfer only for this and my son is in great condition. Hope that all doctors( butchers) can suffer on their skin all that stress that causes the patient. Dr. Butcher Chan is a criminal.

Rating: 1 /5

Joe Alsh

My grandmother fell on the floor in her hospital room once in the early morning hours and called for help but no one came until much later. She bled from her head slightly. But the lack of competence and compassion in this hospital is incomprehensible. Quality of care is terrible.

Rating: 1 /5

Janice Torres

Worst! I never write reviews but this was the worst experience I've had at a hospital. Not only did we wait 5 hours to actually get in to a bed in the ER but then we get a RUDE, OLD, UNDERPAID DOCTOR with no bedside manners that litteraly dosent even let you finish a sentence when he's already walking away from you. Not even letting you finish saying what's wrong when he's already giving you Motrin and telling you to follow up with your primary care😂. I literally could not belive it. A FIVE HOUR wait to be seen for 5min literally. Thanks Doc for nothing! It sucks to say that the students and P.A's answered more questions then the actual doctor. It's like if you don't like ur job quit!!! Your job is to save people's lives not let them DIE. I know there are some good doctors but you won't find them in flushing ER. I can really go on but I just wanted to worn anyone that might really have a serious issue PLEASE DONT GO IF YOUR DIEING LOL. I would only go for comon cold or throat pain, UTI .. Why? They will probably just give you antibiotics and send you on your way! But don't leave your life in the hand of these Doctors if you really feel something's wrong with you. Crazy part of the story I work for a GREAT doctor and I went to the hospital because my mother was not feeling well and only God knows why she decide to come here.Everything this so called doctor said to her I could have said X-ray normal follow up with ur primary. I hope to god for his sake that my mother dosent have any further issue since he basically said she was okay without any test being ran on her because a malpractice lawsuit will follow. Again if it's not serious come to this ER and piss these doctors off because from experience they HATE seeing pt that come in for what the consider dumb reasons.

Rating: 1 /5

Raza Qaisar

Horrible customer service, you will get no response from nurses/doctors in emergency. I had fractured elbow went to ER and after four hours was sent home with pain killer mortin. Obviously I was not satisfied and went to booth memorial hospital ER. And was seen by othopedic surgeon with in 30 minuets. I had an IV my pain is gone and scheduled for surgery. If you are in pain like I was please don’t go to flushing hospital!

Rating: 1 /5

Joe Cooney

Idiot EMT Bennet came to my house while my mother was suffering from delirium from a UTI. EMT Bennet said that my mother was exhibiting symptoms of dementia (it ends there, she needs to go to the ER) but she is rational and alert. HUH? My mother went on to have seriously worse symptoms that became violent. this went on for three more days. Do not let this idiot. EMT Bennet into your home.