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Consumer feedback about Flushing Hospital Medical Center

Maybelline Almonte
Maybelline Almonte

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Great Hospital & Amazing Staff!
I was going to this hospitals clinic by orders of my doctor for gestational diabetes control. My baby showed a variable during one of the monitoring visits and my doctor recommended I stayed at hospital for induction as soon as possible for the safety of the baby. I didn't know anything about the hospital itself and started reading online reviews while being admitted and boy can they be deceiving! I was nervous because this hospital only has merely 2.9 stars and can tell you this... Don't be discouraged by the look of an old building and online reviews. THIS HOSPITAL AND ITS STAFF DESERVE 5+ STARS. I work in health care industry as a medical assistant and I can tell you the level of care and compassion you'd expect to receive from doctors and nurses you will definitely experience above and beyond great level of care at Flushing Hospital. I hemorrhaged pretty badly after delivering my baby boy and the doctors took such good care of me and my baby. Doctors are compassionate, attentive, extremely kind and professional, the communication between shifts from doctors and nurses is impressive and the nurses are the best nurses I've had the pleasure of being around in years. Extremely pleasant, patient, helpful, kind and compassionate. Thank you all at Flushing Hospital for the wonderful level of care that you provided during my stay at the hospital I am one immensely grateful patient to you all ❤️

Call Me Cheeks
Call Me Cheeks

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

There should be an option of no star. The staff lacks bedside manner.

My sister and I work with the mentally undeveloped and have formed real relationships with these individuals being that, that is the human thing to do.. my sister and I were at a particular individual’s bedside who had basically become part of our family. During the entire stay at the ICU, the staff ignored us as if we did not matter.. as if we were just flies on the wall. Even during his passing, one woman gave us just a few minutes to accept the news before she just came in to pull the tube out from his ventilator and she did this in front of us without even letting us know that was what she was going to do. My sister had worked with this individual for years and of course when the nurse just removed the tube without a word it drove my sister crazy and no remorse came from the woman. She pulled it out and left us there in shock. How cruel can you be?

Even prior to - they treated him as if he were just a thing to do as opposed to a person, a human being who loves and dreams just like everyone else.

Honestly, the staff in the hospital should get some kind of bedside manner training. I would hate to see them function in their regular life - are they equally so numb to human interaction and affection in their day to day lives as well?

John Hanna
John Hanna

4 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Great hospital with very friendly and helpful doctors and nurses. My boy was born in this hospital and the experience from start to finish was great. The doctors and the nurses at the pediatric center are very professional and helpful.

lovepreet singh
lovepreet singh

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

My wife went here for her delivery with appointment yet she was asked “Why are you here?” Even after explaining that we have an appointment that our doctor set it up for us. They made us wait for hours.
I dont even wanna rate them 1 star. This hospital is a BIG FAT “NO”. I do not recommend you this hospital what so ever even if you’re in a critical situation.

David Chang
David Chang

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Far below the average of what I consider decent medical care. They lack the medical equipment to make the best medical decision for you and be cautious, I believe they keep you admitted as long as possible for money. The nurses are exactly top notch either.

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