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Consumer feedback about Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Patrice Collins
Patrice Collins

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I just went to the cafeteria and it was one of the dirtiest public eating areas I’ve ever seen! All of the tables were dirty with food spilled on them and it was 3:00 pm. It’s not like it was prime lunchtime. Staff were sitting at a table watching TV oblivious to the pigsty around them. Seriously? The guy working the grill was quite rude as well. Also saw a worker come out of the back kitchen, which is to the right of grill, with no food service gloves on with a piece of frozen chicken breast in his hand that he dropped in deep fryer. He tried to hide it but I saw him. I would fire everyone of the staff working there, especially the manager who pretends to run the place. Disgusting. Why don’t you go to UT Medical Center and see how their cafeteria is managed how clean it stays.

Sonia Lumpkin
Sonia Lumpkin

3 out of 5 stars

posted 2 days ago

Entered the hospital through the emergency room. Er was a positive experience. Suspect of a heart attack or some sort of blockage immediately there were blood samples taken with the promise that they would continue every six hours as a result of the test that was being administered Took five hours to acquire a room for an overnight stay. After getting into the room at 1 AM I was told that The continuation of bloodwork would be scheduled at 3 AM to complete the second series of the six hour segments. The blood was not drawn until 6 AM. My test was originally tentatively planned for 6 AM and then moved back to 830 and then finally administered somewhere around 1:00.
I was instructed not to eat or drink anything after midnight as a stress test was scheduled. I was brought breakfast and fortunately had the wherewithal to not partake. I am gluten intolerant and a breakfast included many gluten choices as well as lunch being delivered before the test that was gluten ridden. The substitute was rather bland but it also included gluten in the form of sugar free cookies. I think that training in this area should be engaged as this is not a joke I could’ve been very sick if I had ingested any of these meals, relying on the education of the staff in the kitchen as if they are privy to what gluten intolerant means.
After my test the doctor came in and released me and was very congenial and informative. I asked the nurses to take all of the equipment that was still on my body and I am still waiting two hours later for them to do this simple task. I know our local facilities are overworking understaffed as we have recently closed a local hospital but there is no excuse for the inability to communicate with patients and making people wait to return to the comfort of their home and family. I came to Fort Sanders because I felt that it was the best choice of my options, as I have been in all of them in the last several yrs. ; my unsolicited advice would be to have an advocate if you cannot be one for yourself. Close attention is not being paid to details or desires of patients it’s hit or miss all over town.
Hopefully, some of this will be addressed in the immediate future and we all will be a little more comfortable with our healthcare here on a local level.

Logan Bagwell
Logan Bagwell

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I can’t describe them! They save lives everyday! BEST STROKE CENTER In Tennessee! Got us back quick when my grandfather had a trouble time speaking and couldn’t find the words to talk. They got him back for a CT scan within 10 mins!

Alex Long
Alex Long

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Waited 2 hours and ended up leaving. Receptionist seemed annoyed when I asked how long the wait would be. Please note, I hadn't even been triaged yet. I'd rather go home and suffer illness than wait hours just to be treated. All I needed was to know if I have tonsillitis or strep, some medication to treat it (Idgaf about the pain meds), and employees with a bit of empathy.

The response with the phone number is no help, mainly because it is for
the Postpartum Maternity department. This is the number they give to everyone no matter what their review says :) Thanks for trying to look like you are helping, but are clearly not!

Claude Junior
Claude Junior

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 days ago

(Please look at PICTURES) On 2-2-2018 I had a accident at work. I was standing on the second step of a semi truck to reach in to get a flashlight and when I raised back up I hit the back of my head back on the door frame and it caused me to lose consciousness. I fell to the ground landing on my butt and hitting my head again. When I came too I walked inside and told my boss at Carter Express and they told me to go to Fort Sanders Regional Hospital in Knoxville, TN. They didn't even offer to take me. So, I did. They did CT scan and said nothing is wrong just a concussion. The doctors their didn't even tell me about the epidural occipital hematoma I had and the crack and fracture in my odontoid either. They failed to mention anything that's wrong with me on the count of them working with my employer Carter Express to hide all the problems I have. Hospital protocol is to admit someone for those conditions and watch to make sure their condition doesn't get worse before it gets better. Need less to say eight days after being released I have my wife take me to Morristown Hamblen Hospital in Morristown, TN where I have a stroke and heart attack and they rush me to Fort Sanders in Knoxville, TN where the doctors their try to coverup the acute heart attack, strokes, crack and fracture in my odontoid, etc. by saying that Morristown Hamblem Hospital was wrong and that I'm just suffering from post concussion syndrome. Fort Sanders puts the acute heart attack and stroke in my permanent records but they don't let me or my wife know about it. Fort Sanders even changes my patient status from inpatient to out patient for observation within hours from arriving from Morristown Hamblen Hospital by ambulance. That''s against the notice act. Fort Sanders doesn't even let me or my wife know they did that. They are suppose to let you know in writing and verbally. So Fort Sanders let's me out of the hospital after two nights to continue to have white matter strokes for months on the count of the epidural occipital hematoma, the crack and fracture in my odontoid, etc. I go and get my own MRI done and it shows the additional brain damage that I have now on the count of Fort Sanders not doing their job and they start using my MRI I had done myself as the MRI they did four months prior. They even work with my lawyer I had at the time Denise Terry in Morristown, TN, Carter Express, doctors, etc. to try to get me put in jail so that my story doesn't get out. I have all kinds of additional issues because of Fort Sanders, Carter Express, Nova, Jefferson Family Physicians, doctors, etc. working together to not allow me to get adequate medical care on the count of my accident happening at work. So be very careful going to any of these places especially if your accident happens at work. Because they would rather you die than to get better. Fort Sanders doesn't want to lose the ability to see patients that have accidents at work. I wouldn't go their anymore myself because nerely all the doctors I saw their are inconfident. Especially Dr. Hora, Dr. Chaltry, etc. Dr. Hora is suppose to be a neurologist. They don't even do a exam on me. I was seeing six or seven fingers and they didn't even care. So be aware of these places they don't care about the working person only their pockets do they care about. So if your having a stroke or heart attack or really anything else wrong with you, you would be better off just staying at home besides wasting your time going to Fort Sanders. Because if I'd stayed at home my condition now wouldn't be any different than if I had not went to the hospital because they didn't do anything besides try to cover everything up. They even put in my permanent records that they did a surgery on me. But me or my wife can't remember anything about that. It's hard to believe this place is allowed to stay open. They do more harm to people than they do good. These doctors don't remember the oath they took to be a doctor they only care about themselves and to bring pain and suffering to those they come across. Sincerely, Claude Ridley Jr.

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