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Fresno Va Medical Center – Va Central California

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2615 E Clinton Ave, Fresno, CA 93703, United States
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Consumer feedback about Fresno Va Medical Center – Va Central California

Rating: 5 /5

Melody Justus Bouslaugh

Fresno V.A. hospital is s wonderful place to go. My father inlaw is vet he goes when he has to. One day his twin sister fell and they took her right to the emergency room took care of her while he was visiting a doctor himself up stairs. They were wonderful to his twin sister that day. Funny thing is she ain't no veteran herself.

Rating: 3 /5

Jennifer Cruz

It's honestly not as bad as what people say about VA hospitals. It seems like any other hospitals I've gone to in Los Angeles. The staff is very friendly.

Rating: 1 /5

Rob LeBoeuf

Active duty home on leave. Severe sprain that had only gotten worse after 10 days. Already had X-rays from clovis community ER showing no break. Could not sleep from excruciating pain and already taking 2,400 mg of advil a day with clovis community Dr.'s recommendation. Tricare sent me back to an ER with the VA for an MRI, pain medication, and a boot. Instead they just X-rayed me again, acted like it was new news that I had a sprain, didn't sign me up for an MRI, and told me to take naproxen occasionally so I don't shut my liver down from the huge doses of acetaminophen. I was told by the VA nurse to talk to my primary care physician for pain pills but when I let the nurse know that I was active duty and he was in Texas, she said "that sucks." Thanks to Obama my primary care can't even fax over a prescription for low dose Vicodin anymore. Anyways Ms. Ching Chang Chong didn't give a care. The other nurse who was former navy and was on the same class ship as me let me know the VA had become very stingy about pain pills after overprescribing and getting into trouble. If an organization's reputation is as stained as the VA that they cannot provide care without worrying about falling back into old habits, they need to clean house. I worry about when my watch has ended and I too have to rely on the VA. It appears the old days of letting veterans die waiting for treatment with oxycotin are over. Now they don't even have the common courtesy to give a guy a reach around. Thanks to all veterans who have stood the watch and now have to be shafted with this joke of an organization.

Rating: 5 /5

Bob C

I get great care here and haven’t had any issues with getting an appointment.

Rating: 5 /5

Anastacia McCarney

Very appreciative and thankful for the excellent care the VA Fresno provides my husband.