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Consumer feedback about George Washington Univ Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Tamia Barnes

I am very appreciative of the surgical staff. I am 1 day post surgery. The staff was great and very attentive to my needs. The surgery was successful and I am grateful for their competence and expertise.

Rating: 1 /5

Raven Lewis

This was the absolute worst experience I have ever encountered at a hospital. Aside from the incredibly long wait, which was ironically in the “EMERGENCY” wing, I found myself in constant amazement at what events transpired as I was waiting. For one, when my family and I first arrived, there were hardly any seats available, and the seats that were, were covered in trash. None of the staff came over to clear up the trash until 3 hours after I had been waiting. Secondly, the staff were rude. Though all of them were minorities, I noticed that they treated other minorities harshly and with a nasty tone of voice, while White individuals who came in were treated kindly and with respect. This differential treatment was blatant and was oftentimes unwarranted. Thirdly, there was a circumstance where the nurses and staff literally lost track of a patient and his family (apparently he left the hospital). Being so inattentive that patients are literally able to walk up and leave without anyone seeing is unacceptable. Lastly, there was an instance where the staff were experiencing technological issues with their computer system. As a result, there was a period where people were coming into the hospital (including a man who was BLEEDING and could barely walk) and the staff couldn’t even check them in. Again this is unacceptable. There were other things that were wrong with this hospital that I omitted to avoid making this an even longer review. However, I ultimately recommend that if you are experiencing an emergency, do NOT come here.

Rating: 1 /5


George Washington hospital is THE worst, especially their emergency wing. For starters, the security and nurses at the front desk of the emergency room are rude as hell and once you are able to get to the back to see a nurse in the emergency wing, they basically put you in a room and leave you there. I’ve never been in an emergency room where the nurses are non attentive. I am here with my mother because her job rushed her to this hospital due to her having trouble breathing and I really wish her job would’ve taken her somewhere else. The other 3 patients in this emergency ward with me have complained of the same issues. Oh and did I neglect to mention the flies and bloody swabs left around her bed. I had to clean up behind these nurses because clearly they neglected to do a decent job of that. The nurses are non responsive and I don’t understand how that’s possible when this is the flipping EMERGENCY WARD!!!! Seriously, anyone who needs immediate medical attention and is near this hospital, you’ll do yourself a favor going somewhere else.

Rating: 1 /5

Kelly F

I had the absolute worst experience here last night. I had an episode where I felt sick and started shaking as if I was having a seizure, sweating profusely and almost passed out. This was the closest hospital so off I went. I get there around 8:30, my heart is beating fast and I’m huffing and puffing. Get checked in and told to sit close so they can watch me. Okay… Get to triage, they take my vitals and they take me in the back. So far so good. After explaining my symptoms to about 5 different people, the nurse wants to start an IV. This is where it all went to hell! She placed it in the left wrist twisting and turning it. Most painful IV ever; or so I thought… Because it hurt so bad she decided to take it out against my wishes (did not want to go through putting it in again) and place it in the right wrist; even more painful. When I told her how bad it was hurting she told me “it’s just plastic, it’s not like there’s a needle in there or anything.” I tell her, “I have had many IV’s before and never have they hurt like this.” She interjects with, “and so have I!” I later realize she put it in and taped it down at an angle. Smh… After her third trip to draw blood I told her the IV was getting way to painful for her to keep touching and pressing on it. She is literally pulling on it and pressing it to get more blood flowing. She gets angry and says, “I’m just going to take it out since it hurts so bad.” HUH?? She then grabs the valves of blood she has already drawn, throw them away and say, “I’m going to call the doctor to cancel the order.” WHAT??? He obviously needs it for tests. I say to her, “just come and do what you need to do to get it done.” She never returns. Note to Michelle… if you can’t treat a patient professionally, the hospital ER is NOT where you belong! You cannot get angry and slam tubes of blood in the container because YOU are inept. The next nurse just kindly drew the blood from another vein without a hitch AND without twisting and turning the already painful IV! Did I mention while all of this is going on the registration person is standing there hounding me to give her my credit card or a check for my $500.00 insurance co-pay!?!?! I have never! Note to GWU ER Business Office, not ALL people- who look like me (hint hint) skip out on their bills and my credit score proves this! I WILL NEVER go to this place again. To their credit, the doctors where very thorough in their evaluation, thank you. But, their performance was negated by everything else that came along with the experience.

Rating: 1 /5

Matthew Fowle

I was charged $3745 for a wash of the wound and three staples, which took less than 10 minutes total. Everyone was nice and I thought the care was adequate. I had a nice student doctor guided by a very competent professional & that went fine. However being charged almost $4000 is insane, is a way bigger threat to my health than gaping open wound. Care also took forever. On a very quiet night in the ER, I spent about 8 hours sitting on a bed, first waiting to get three staples then waiting to get checked out. Also, the doctors bill separately, so you have two stacks of paperwork and hospital calls once you are released, which is annoying. Next time I'm going to Lowes & buying a staple gun. Going to the hospital is unbelievably unaffordable & an insane rip off. Damn you America.