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Consumer feedback about George Washington Univ Hospital

Amanda A
Amanda A

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 days ago

HORRIBLE!!! 4/20/18 Worst experience of my life in a medical facility. From the time I was admitted to the time I left not ONE employee could get anything right, doctors and nurses included. Facility was filthy, arrogant med students and as if that wasn't enough 15k for just an MRI?!?! Total bill came to 20k! FOR ONE DAY!! And somehow you expect people to trust medical professionals!!! I'm not surprised considering I left there in worse condition than when I went in! AVOID this joke of a hospital like the plague!

Shayna Frost
Shayna Frost

4 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Great experience in the ER. Staff was friendly, we were only in waiting room for 30 minutes before being seen by a physician. Everyone was very calm in the waiting room. Felt cared for in a stressful situation. I work in healthcare and very much appreciate the level of professionalism and efficiency that my husband and I experienced there. Thank you!

Nick Ameen
Nick Ameen

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

“Welcome to hell,” was how the nurse greeted us. Little regard for comfort. Intensely overcrowded and understaffed. No in-house options for visitors to get food while waiting for 7+ hours. This hospital is absolutely atrocious. Avoid if possible.

John D
John D

1 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

WORST NURSES AND DOCTORS ON EAST COAST. Please do not trust your life or anyone's life that you care about in their hands. They mix up patients files and honestly have no care to monitor the patients correctly. It is awful and very saddening to think how many people have passed away here strictly due to the doctors and nurses. Please please do not go here. Save yourself and your family!

I hope someone one day will investigate what's going on here...there is absolutely no reasoning for the lack of education and knowledge and pure lack of respect from every single employee working at George Washington University Hospital.

Cine philia
Cine philia

2 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

My mother was admitted to the ICU and everything was really good until she was moved to the 5th floor. I went to visit her and one particular nurse was very cold, like it was just a desk job and they weren't even dealing with human beings. The nurse asked who I was but did not once introduced herself or the two or three other nurses that were with her. I understand it's a teaching hospital but the human connection needs to be taught as well. Also, introducing the students, letting the patients know they are there to observe, and asking the patients for permission would go a long way. Not everyone feels comfortable with random people especially if they're just standing there.

My mother could barely walk from her bed to the bathroom which was about six to eight feet away without getting short of breath and the next day I was told that she would be discharged. I explained my concern and was told that those were the doctors orders depending on another test. Why they didn't do the test before calling me, I'll never know but they told me, the same exact thing I was telling them the entire time, she was not well enough to go home. I understand at the end of the day its a business but they'll save themselves a lot of complaints if they had more compassion and at least a smile on their faces. I walk down the halls of the hospital and no greetings or hospitality, I have a friendlier time with the other visitors.

The one good person was the respiratory therapist named Pam, she was fantastic aside from that it was terrible. My mother pressed the help button the get assistance to the restroom because she was hooked up to a machine and was told to call her nurse which she could barely do, good thing I was there to help her. If I wasn't there I would have thought my mother was exaggerating. Even the doctor seemed disingenuous.

You can obviously tell the people who are there for a paycheck instead of having a passion for it and it shows. I completely agree with the rating.

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