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Consumer feedback about George Washington Univ Hospital

Cine philia
Cine philia

2 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

My mother was admitted to the ICU and everything was really good until she was moved to the 5th floor. I went to visit her and one particular nurse was very cold, like it was just a desk job and they weren't even dealing with human beings. The nurse asked who I was but did not once introduced herself or the two or three other nurses that were with her. I understand it's a teaching hospital but the human connection needs to be taught as well. Also, introducing the students, letting the patients know they are there to observe, and asking the patients for permission would go a long way. Not everyone feels comfortable with random people especially if they're just standing there.

My mother could barely walk from her bed to the bathroom which was about six to eight feet away without getting short of breath and the next day I was told that she would be discharged. I explained my concern and was told that those were the doctors orders depending on another test. Why they didn't do the test before calling me, I'll never know but they told me, the same exact thing I was telling them the entire time, she was not well enough to go home. I understand at the end of the day its a business but they'll save themselves a lot of complaints if they had more compassion and at least a smile on their faces. I walk down the halls of the hospital and no greetings or hospitality, I have a friendlier time with the other visitors.

The one good person was the respiratory therapist named Pam, she was fantastic aside from that it was terrible. My mother pressed the help button the get assistance to the restroom because she was hooked up to a machine and was told to call her nurse which she could barely do, good thing I was there to help her. If I wasn't there I would have thought my mother was exaggerating. Even the doctor seemed disingenuous.

You can obviously tell the people who are there for a paycheck instead of having a passion for it and it shows. I completely agree with the rating.

Gwendolyn Young
Gwendolyn Young

4 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

This is where I go when I have emergencies! The hospital is clean, the staff is pleasant, and the service is fast and it is accessible on public transportation (Metro Bus and Rail). The doctors are pretty throught. I had an experience when a male nurse hit a nerve instead of a vain in my arm. Another occasion is when a male nurse claimed he could not find my vain, so he had to get this big machine to look for my vain. I never experienced this before. But if you are looking to be seen and treated this is the place you might want to try. It is right at the Foggy Bottom Metro Station. There is a Whole Food Market down the street, and I alway stop there to get me some electrolyte water before going into the ER. I might buy me some nuts and yogurt too! If you go during midday, it is quite busy. There are vendors and live entertainment there as well. That may be just what the doctor ordered!

Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 day ago

Without a doubt the most painful experience of my life. I come to the ER for URGENT EMERGENCIES and have been sitting in the waiting room 4 hours with what I explained feels like appendicitis. It's just a matter of time before their neglect truly hurts someone while they wait. When I walked up with the pager to tell the nurse how long it had been I was asked to sit down so others could check in. I told her I had to lay down and couldn't wait any longer. She was unapologetic and seemed glad that one less person would be waiting. This place is complete garbage. What an insult to a great University. I will never be back again and will make it a point to dissuade others from going for their own health and safety.

Kaylee Buchholtz
Kaylee Buchholtz

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

One star is too generous for this place.

Early last November I was drugged at a bar. I woke up at this hospital a few hours later.

There are a lot of things I remember about that night- and a lot of things I don't.

There are moments- collapsing on the bathroom floor, my best friend screaming at me not to do this, to please get up. Cold and concrete. Her voice in the ambulance. Not being able to speak or open my eyes but trying desperately to move my fingers when they asked her my address.

But I remember the hospital vividly.

I remember waking up to bright lights on a gurney in the hallway. I remember nurses and hospital gowns and monitors. I remember my friend shaking me awake telling me to demand a drug test as they pushed my only support out into the waiting room.

I remember being confused, then mortified, then violated. I started screaming for a drug test. I want a drug test. I need a drug test. Give me the drug test.

They told me I was just drunk. They told me I couldn't handle myself. They told me I was irresponsible and an alcoholic and to seek help. They told me they don't do drug tests.

At the hospital.

They acted like they knew my body and myself better than me. They saw a passed out girl and deemed me the irresponsible one and refused to listen as I begged, my friend begged, and my parents who were halfway across the country begged for me to take a drug test.

Instead of listening, they force fed me crackers and ginger ale and I nearly vomited. I cried and they lectured me about my drinking problem.

I was numb in the cab home, barefoot, wearing a hospital gift shop sweatshirt with my phone, my purse, and my keys in a plastic bag, ruined by vomit. I collapsed as soon as I was inside- a sobbing, screaming disaster clutching my dog as I lost my mind on my apartment floor.

I won't describe everything that followed but I found a lab that was able to run tests on my hair confirming what I already knew.

I'd been drugged. Someone had slipped me muscle relaxants. And instead of this hospital helping me they blamed me, they shamed me, and they traumatized me.

The events of that night did irreparable damage. But beyond the initial trauma done to my body lies the secondary but no less devastating trauma of reaching out for help and not being believed. Of being told by an institution that I should be able to trust that not only did they not believe me but that it was my fault.

This is a university hospital. The amount of students who over-indulge must be high- I wonder how many of them are treated with as much disdain even if the underlying cause is something else entirely.

If you care about yourself, if you care about your friends, if you care about your family- go somewhere else. Because this hospital does not care about you.

Victor Bonilla
Victor Bonilla

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

If I could give this hospital 0 stars I would! Nasty and dirty. All students working there. All they want to do is treat people like they’re testing animals. They ignore critical problems and try to dismiss everything that you say is wrong with you. Nurses walking around with blooded urine bags in their hands it’s just nasty! Do not go here if you have serious medical problems

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