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1133 W Sycamore St, Willows, CA 95988, USA
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Consumer feedback about Glenn Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Laura Kirkpatrick

The staff was not listening to me. I was having trouble breathing and one a few occasions stopped breathing. I came into the ER because I was scared that I might not make it through the night. My doctor Ken Moses looked at my throat and ears and dismissed me in a hot second. The nurse came in with release forms and I asked "what am I supposed to do if I stop breathing again and doctor Moses over heard and came into the room stating "you can breathe through your mouth" "you have a cold, just take NyQuil." I had a runny nose from allergies. No symptoms of being sick. He said, "your nose is stuffy but you can breathe through your mouth." He smirked at me like I was stupid. I don't know how stop breathing translates to common cold but he sent me home. I was so frustrated with him fornot listening and dismissing me before I could even finish what I was saying that I walked out in tears.

Rating: 1 /5

Vanessa Solis

If i could give less stars I DEFINITLEY would. This is the shittiest medical facility I HAVE EVER HAD AN ENCOUNTER WITH. Outdated equipment, terrible staff, maintenance is horrible. Just terrible all around. If you’re having an emergency I recommend you don’t go there, you DEFINITLEY have a better chance of getting your life saved in Chico than you do here. Worst experience for sure.

Rating: 5 /5

Sebastian Diaz

Greatly improved staffing and physicians

Rating: 1 /5

Jaymes Krasnowski

Terrible experiences every time. They are deathly slow doing ANYTHING. staff is rude and had no sense of urgence or consideration for an individuals unique needs. Walking in, the place feels and looks dirty. Which was confirmed by the filth in the corners of the room and the roach that scurried under the counter from behind the trash can. Glenn Medical Center is where germs are born and disease is spread. Your better off staying home or taking the trip to Chico.

Rating: 1 /5

Leeann Ballard

I have been going to this place since I moved back in 2009. I have been miss diagnosed to many times to count. Recently went in to see a doctor in September 2016 due to wrist pain. Took a month to see a doctor and 5 months to get an MRI due to Dr Hays staff messing up paperwork. Finally got the MRI done then he staff screwed up again and schedule an appointment I didn't even know about, there for he won't see me now due to their screw ups. Went to ER in February for shoulder pain they tell me I have an ac tear, they didn't do any physical exam or check my rang of motion. By this time I am heated. Percribed me ibeprofren and sent me home. I go see DR Highman he told me I have a tear in my cartlage in my wrist. Didn't look at my shoulder at all. So I finally went to a doctor in corning for my shoulder and got an MRI 3 days later. I get my MRI results my self and there is more wrong with my wrist than what I was told. So there for Doctor's at Glenn medical center are quacks. I feel a law suit coming on. I have had on going problems for year's and no help. I ain't no pill Popper or crack head and they can't even give me anything for the sever pain I have been in since June of last year. They will never see me again I rather go else where. And yes the facility stinks like death and is dirty as hell.