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Consumer feedback about Good Samaritan Hospital

Rating: 4 /5

Terrabella Mcriff

When it was good samaritan urgent care they sucked. Now that it is premier urgent care the wait is in and out tops 2 hours

Rating: 5 /5

Ion Sab

Best hospital staff. And very clean and efficient people.

Rating: 1 /5

Christina Moralez

Unsanitary. My daughter's bed had a soiled (Pee)sheet on it. We did not find out until the next morning when I was fixing her bed removing the pad from the sheet. They ran test and we had to keep asking for results. Never got a straight answer what was wrong with my daughter. Asking to be transferred to another hospital. And we kept getting the run around. The treatment seemed to change after asking for transfer.

Rating: 5 /5

Adrian Manuel

Best treatment ever. Looks old and small but I never was treated so good at a hospital before. From the nurses to the doctors, you can see they really love what they do.

Rating: 4 /5

Ursus Luxton

Update July 11, 2017 Since my last visit my health got progressively worse which the doctor felt that I need to be admitted and ran a battery Medical test and discover that my medical state had gotten worse. So I stayed in the hospital for three days and had five days of in home IV treatment. As to my three day stay at the hospital.... That experience was a complete 180 since my first in March 2017. The nurse, CNA, & LVN staff were completely professional and provide outstanding quality of Medical care and service.... They all did and outstanding quality of service and that made my time fly by and I was able to do some reading on my tablet and learn more about the type of illness I was suffering from. If the hospital continues to provide good quality of service I'm sure they will continue to get more patients in the future. "Originally wrote this review & unfortunate experience in March 2017. " Went in at my Dr. orders for IV treatment and the nurse forgot to plug the IV pump into the wall so when the battery ran down it kept beeping for over an hour and a half. After an hour, I discovered that the display on the IV pump displayed "LOW BATTERY" so I called for the nurse. This was about 9pm and at 10pm I got up and rolled myself and the IV down the hallway to ask the nurse for help because I could not sleep with the IV pump beeping. I turned out the nurse I spoke with was the charge nurse and she said "she would have someone come to my room and fix it". Another 30 minutes went by, by now it was 10:30pm and still no one came, I had enough time to disconnect myself from the IV and get dressed and walk out of the hospital. As I was leaving I asked to speak with the charge nurse and the same nurse I had spoken with earlier told me she was the charge nurse so I let her know that I was leaving. I will never return to "Good Samaritan Hospital" for any medical care as they are have demonstrated that they do not care about the welfare of their patient, especially for something as minor as fixing the beeping on a IV device they did not configured properly. The medical staff certainly demonstrated they do not care about their patients sleep or welfare. Its saddens me to believe that a charge nurse would be so careless about the maintained of such a simple medical device when it is their JOB to make sure that all medical equipment is working in proper order for the benefit and care of their patients. It really upsets me that I have to share with experience with everyone, e.g. "in a Google review" and now I have to explain it to my Doctor who I respect and love for all the year he has provided with such outstanding care. I hope "Good Samaritan Hospital" will use these reviews in a positive way by improving their quality of service for future patients unfortunately I will never be one of them again!