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2121 North Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501, USA
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Consumer feedback about Grand Junction Va Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

John Nemetz

I've been using this facility for many many years. They have the most wonderful doctors and nurses you could ask for. They have always treated me with respect, and made sure to address any and every issue I have had quickly and efficiently. I can't say a single negative word about this hospital, they have saved my life more than once!

Rating: 5 /5

Kyle Scheve

So far the best VA I've been to it's not as crowded as big city VA hospitals and the staff are excellent

Rating: 1 /5

Chris Bollman

I've been here three years and they damn near killed me twice ....screw this place no response EVER to any phone inquiry .... no return calls EVER ....but they are fast to garnish my social security for "administration errors" on my health account some one stole my VA identity and rung up a huge amount of co pay so now I M paying for it ... they shut off my e account to communicate so I physically go in but nobody is ever there appontments Are 6-8 weeks out .The patient advocate is getting short to retirement he's in the office twice a week for four hours and has a huge backlog of his good ol boys he deals with first. The er staff is rude insensitive and seem put out that you disturbed their coffe break ...... I've been in severe pain for over six weeks now can hardly walk and frankly I'll die first before I ever go there again . Its no wonder a patient committed suicide in the parking lot ...didn't hear that in the news did ya?

Rating: 5 /5

james Fitzmorris

The medical care I have received for many years has been way superior to any care I have received in commercial hospitals. I have an extensive medical history and I would chose the VA over any private hospital. The care at the Salt Lake, Grand Junction, Prescott AZ, Denver VA's has been Fantastic. Our subversive media in the United States simply would rather tell a lie if it furthers their liberal agenda.

Rating: 1 /5

Jennifer Johnson

This is the absolute WORST medical center I have ever been associated with. Nothing but the run around with anyone you speak to, takes DAYS to get a call back for a medical appointment and you can't leave a doctor a direct voicemail because "she doesn't have her voicemail set up". The clerks are incredibly rude and dismissive. They aren't even worth one star. This place is an absolute joke. Don't waste your time with them, because they'll wait for you to die before they do anything for you.