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295 S Jackson St, Grove Hill, AL 36451, USA
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Consumer feedback about Grove Hill Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Ecoma Banks

There is no trained employee there that can read x-rays they take the x-rays and send to Montgomery and whatever quack in Montgomery that so called reads the X-ray sends back what he thinks is the problem and due to this people are often being mis diagnosed and treated for things they don't even have including me. I have been misdiagnosed at least 6times since moving here in 2000. They would tell me one thing and I would make the trip to mobile and find out different. My advice take the trip to mobile even if you have to walk!

Rating: 1 /5

Freddie Odom

I was born here and my grandma was a nurse here until she retired. Now I'm the mayor of a town five hours away. But as of this writing, I'm settling down to sleep in the parking lot because they wouldn't let me use a chair, and also limit overnight visitors to 1. So it's either kick my mom out while her mom's dying , or this. Silver lining: the first time I was at this hospital I was naked and didn't know English, so this is better.

Rating: 1 /5

Big Bopper

Patient rooms are filthy. If this was an eating place it would be shut down. How can they let a hospital operate like this . My wifes room had crud in corners and under a/c unit that hadnt been cleaned in years. No joke it was pure nasty.

Rating: 2 /5

E Marie

The emergency department staff was very unconcerned with patient care. I was not the patient but the experience of taking my family member to be seen was horrible. Being a nurse myself I was appalled at the way the nursing staff treated us. There was only two nursing staff members that showed and real patient care or concern. The receptionist/registration was not even attending the registration area causing us to have to sit in the waiting area for atleast 10min. before she appeared. Not to mention the doctor not once placed gloves while tending to the open wound. I even had to request for staff to clean the abrasion on his forehead, which I had to do myself because they did not. Overall if it came to any serious injuries I would definitely take my chances driving to Mobile for Emergency service, because the Grove Hill ER was a disgrace to the entire medical field in their display of patientcare and service.

Rating: 1 /5

Robert bexley

Bandaid shop hope nothing is seriously wrong with you. You're better off taking the chance to make it to mobile