Hamilton General Hospital

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MedicalRecords.com Rating 3.2
233 reviews

About Hamilton General Hospital

Hamilton General Hospital was founded in 1848 as the first hospital in Hamilton.
The Burn Trauma Unit at the hospital provides help for adults who need hospital care for serious burns and burn-related injuries. The Cardiac Surgical Unit is specialized for patients undertaking open heart surgery or heart valve replacement or repair surgery.
Other hospital services include rehabilitation center, surgical unit, diagnostic imaging, intensive care unit, urology, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, and outpatient clinics.

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MedicalRecords.com Rating 3.2
(233 reviews)

Laurie Bushell

I am a nonsmoking crothall staff member. I get to work about 345 pm and 400 pm weekdays. There are patients and visitors smoking out front of the general hospital in the nonsmoking circle daily. I walk through that way everyday and I do not like walking through or breathing the smoke in. One idea is to get rid of the cement curbs that make the circle or whatever they are called that these people enjoy sitting on to smoke . The cigarette butts are building up on the pavement . Thank u

Douglas Grant

Poor patient communication. Trying to support a family member experiencing cardiac issues who had to return to this hospital after surgery was an exercise in frustration. The surgeon would walk past the patient without taking the time to discuss the situation. They talk about team but in the end, fail to communicate in clear specific terms. Why all the tests? What are you looking for? What were the results? The family was surprised at the sudden release and scrambled to accommodate. If not for a kind nurse who took the time to explain things we would have been completely in the dark, despite numerous efforts from the family. As someone with significant experience with several hospitals, their approach to patient communications is without doubt the worst I have ever experienced. They would do well to revisit their process and look elsewhere for successful models. The level of frustration was completely unnecessary and avoidable with simple changes.

Dajana Copakova

Easily one of the worst hospitals i ever had the “honour” of visiting. Aside the surgeons (who are incredible at their jobs especially for trauma related purposes) the nursing staff should probably work at a jail not hospital. Zero sympathy or empathy for trauma patients. Rude demeanour to the family members and absolutely zero help when necessary. At one point they were copying my notes instead of being there themselves doing their jobs. I was confronted by a front desk nurse that saw me multiple times leaving in and out in the same day within few hours but I guess her memory has long failed her since she pretended to remember nothing and gave me an extremely hard time to check me back in. As if she enjoyed it when i was clearly in huge distress and mentally vulnerable. I feel bad for people that dont get much visitors and have to rely on their outrageous service. I understand working in trauma is not pleasant and requires a special type of a person but none of the nurses ive met were that type of a person. Once again the attitude is more suitable for prisons than hospitals. Huge shame and totally affected my trust in our healthcare. God bless anyone that has to go there and deal with them. Overworked understaffed and unhelpful. Id give zero stars and would continue my rant but remembering the experience just makes me upset all over again. Be warn.

wendy musselman

My husband suffered a brain bleed July 4th 2019. Excellent surgeons, doctors, nurses. Thankyou to Dr. Wang and his neurological team, so kind, understanding and always patient with my questions. Never did he and his team make me feel like I could not talk with them. They never rushed me and gave above and beyond care. The team always gave great confidence my husband would make a full recovery. Thank-you also to the ICU nurses and the 7 west floor step down unit. You are all the best.

Greg Forsyth

This was my first time at a Hamilton hospital for an ER trip and I couldn't have been more impressed with the conduct of the staff when dealing with both me and many of their other patients in the ER. Incredibly compassionate care all around. Of course there was a wait to see someone, find me an ER where you're not going to have to wait 3-4 hours to see someone these days but thats not on the hospital thats on the government funding the hospital.