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1200 Memorial Dr, Dalton, GA 30720, USA
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Consumer feedback about Hamilton Medical Center

Rating: 2 /5

Lisa Harding

Everyone here was so rude! the nurse actually told me that if I didn't shut up she would put a piece of gauze in my mouth they did not help me with the pain at all and the staff took forever to help me after I got 8 stitches she told me I needed to stop being a baby I will never go back to this hospital again! ever!

Rating: 2 /5

Linda Jackson

My brother-in-law was in hospital for three days and dismissed on December 24th just as sick as when he arrived. Believe it was because of the holidays as short on care on 23rd. Dr who did a test while there didn't call or come by to talk to family and we don't know yet results. He has been to emergency room two times this week and given two different diagnosis, one of which he should have been hospitalized. Guess we will have to go to another hospital to get satisfaction.

Rating: 1 /5

Angela Frost

If I could give a zero I would. This place isnt a hospital. My daughter went in in labor, her husband was locked out of the room. She was given nothing for pain. The staff was rude as hell. Jacob missed the birth of his only child. Do not go to that dump.

Rating: 1 /5

Matt Earley

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM YOUR LOCAL MEDICAL CENTER Early on the morning of February 10th(about 3 am). I was awoken by my father and told that my mother needed to be rushed to the hospital. She has been suffering from a 2 inch cyst on her ovary for a while now and it has gotten progressively worse. When I got to her, she was incoherent and barely able to move. She could not walk and had been vomiting. She wanted to go to dalton to be seen so I headed with her to you guys. I called on the way to let your reception people know we were coming and that we would need a wheelchair upon arrival. The man who answered the phone HUNG UP ON ME AFTER I TOLD HIM WE WERE COMING. HE SHRUGGED ME OFF AND HUNG UP ON ME. Then, we arrive and were told there wasn’t a room and there was a minimum of a three hour wait. I calmly tried to show the woman what sort of state my mother was in and explain that she could have a ruptured cyst and had been passing out on the way there. In an extremely callous way she told me “doesn’t matter”. So I asked if someone were to come in seriously hurt like my mom or even worse, the would they get a room? She replied “no they wouldn’t. They would be wheeled out here to wait no matter how bad they were”. Dismayed, I then desperately asked what I could do to have my mom treated as soon as possible. I asked if I should drive her to another medical facility and she snarled back that she didn’t care and couldn’t legally tell me if I should go elsewhere. After that I lost my temper and said “thanks for nothing” and left. I could not believe the lack of professionalism I encountered at Hamilton Medical Center. I completely empathize with workers in the field. I have many family members who work in healthcare and I certainly do not feel like I deserve special treatment when I show up but this was not an ordinary situation and the real problem stemmed from the terrible attitudes and lack of any form of human sympathy displayed towards who was obviously in more visible pain than anyone else in the waiting area. I know that oftentimes ERs are understaffed on busy nights, but the staff who IS THERE must reflect the mission statement of their employer. I sit here typing this while my mother rests and waits on test results to come back and will possibly be accompanying her to surgery soon. I cannot begin to fully convey my absolute disgust for your hospital at this point in time. Emotions are playing a part in my anger but I am not an unreasonable person even in times of great stress like this. I want someone at Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton, Georgia to read this and at the very least begin to reconsider who they allow to speak to distressed folk in times of crisis. Perhaps those people need script in front of them so they don’t say anything that reveals their lack of basic humanity. Maybe it would be a good idea to place a mirror in front of your receptionist so that she can see who these sick and worried people see whenever they come into your building worrying about themselves or, like me, worrying about someone they love with all of their heart. I plan on many people in our community hearing about our experience with you guys and I promise this won’t be the last time I contact you about this. I would love to get a response to this so that we could possibly work together to make you better and more accountable to the region you are suppose to serve.

Rating: 1 /5

Jrogersupply Jrogersupply

Rude staff; waited Hrs due to staffing. Would not recommend as they run the operation like a fast food business. In and out burger......