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6000 Hospital Dr, Hannibal, MO 63401, USA
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Consumer feedback about Hannibal Regional Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

L Ww

I would give zero or negative stars if possible. Hannibal Regional Hospital has very shady billing practices. I went for a heart catheterization test and and was charged $34,045 for a standard procedure. They unbundled services and bill insurance companies twice for the same procedures. Example: a line item for "surgery" for $19,000.00. Then a series of other bill line items such as anesthesia, recovery, oxygen, IV, sutures, other surgical items, etc all billed separately. When I ask what is included in the $19,000 surgery line item they cannot answer the question. This unbundling leads to double deductibles and higher surgery costs. If you want a MAJOR billing surprise go to this hospital and get ready for the shock of your life. If you don't want that surprise find another hospital and do yourself a favor and never set foot in this Hannibal Regional. The customer accounts manager even told us they get only 20 cents on the dollar for the uninsured. This means the insured get raped to make up for the hospital's "loss" when we all know they aren't losing a dime. PS - the hospital is working on a major expansion. I wonder how they paid for this if they really get 20 cents on the dollar for the uninsured? Probably has a lot to do with the deceptive unbundled billing practices. Don't believe my review? Ask this hospital if they unbundle services for billing purposes then do the math and figure out what your deductibles become.

Rating: 1 /5

Chrissy Baxter

The worst hospital I have been to I waited over 2 hours and I still wasn't seen I walked out with my ear still at a 12 in pain scale thanks for nothing

Rating: 5 /5

Kalene Chism

Delivered my son here and everything went great! Very professional and the rooms were huge! Very cozy and relaxing

Rating: 5 /5

Mark Wavering

For emergency treatment, this place is here.Thanks to the emergency personal,members of my family have found relief from pain.We are lucky to have these people with such a professional outlook to the care of others.

Rating: 1 /5

Roy Lang

I went in for a puncher wound, it wasn't cleaned out before stitches and i went septic within 12 hours. then i spent the next week in the ICU were they weren't cleaning my wound and waiting to see if they would have to amputate. Thank god my wife was coming in daily to help me tell the doctor what was happening or I would be missing a limb. Then on another day I had a rash on my leg and it was so bad I went to the er and they told me that it was kidney failure, and for 4 hours I waited in a room hooked to an iv thinking I was going to be dying soon before they came in a told me "its just a rash here is some prednizone." you may just want to google it before going here!