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101 Civic Center Ln, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, USA
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Consumer feedback about Havasu Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Dirty Details

Never have been to a place that refuses to do their job more than this place. Unfriendly. Uncaring. Treat you as a burden when this is what they get paid to do. Enter at your own risk ☠️💀⚰️

Rating: 5 /5

Jamie Sturm Leflet

They took great care of me and knew what I needed for other factors of my care without my input, that made me realize how knowledgeable they were.

Rating: 1 /5

Anakin Yager


Rating: 2 /5

Michael Duran

DOCTORS BEWARE! I've worked at this little hospital in the anesthesia department on two separate occasions, and in my opinion the place was an ongoing mess. I'll review for prospective staff, and patients. Docs: The administration of this hospital hates you. I mean, more than the average hospital admin. They really hate you, and they want to see you fail, or at least control you and keep you under their collective thumb. Thereby destroying you. It's not just "the changing face of medicine," either, its that the individuals in the admin have serious personal power problems. No, it's not just my perception. I still clearly remember a staff meeting I went to, the morale was terrible and everyone was at one another's throats the entire meeting. I asked a couple people at my table if the vibe was always this bad, and apparently it is typical. Part of the problem is, their CEO's are rotating, typically lasting for 2-3 years before moving on. One I met was an alcoholic, the other one (I think the current one) is a grandstanding nincompoop with zero medical anything. The chief of medical staff is a physician, but a sell-out who notoriously treats physicians poorly. As a doc you will have no friends in the Havasu admin. As far as the Anesthesia department goes.. Well it is no better with Sheridan than it was with Apollo, despite the schtick you'll hear on interview. At the time I left, the anesthesiologists themselves were a pretty mixed bag of very inexperienced folk and a couple good ones. Patients: The hospital has a pretty bad reputation for internal medicine and related subspecialties, though I can't comment on that. If you are having surgery here, the surgeons here are actually pretty good. This isn't something most anesthesiologists admit very easily, but they really are an excellent group of docs overall. There are two bad players (though I can't say who they are) but by and large surgical skill is surprisingly good for such a small, out of the way place like this. Your anesthesiologist probably won't kill you. The head of nursing has a personality disorder, but most people make it off of the post-op nursing floors alive. I guess the takeaway is, if you are visiting town and you break your ankle you'll be good. If you're a doc looking for a job and have other options, move on.

Rating: 1 /5

Sonia Koop

UPDATE TO MY BELOW REVIEW: I"ve tried to get my billed paid from my ER visiit and hospital stay (July 2016) for over a year! I gave them my contact info when I was admitted as well as my insurance info.. When I didn't receive a bill I contacted the hospital, was told I didn''t owe anything. ....Ummm I believe I do so if you do not want me to pay, please send me a letter stating I owe nothing. I received a letter stating I owed nothing. I then received a bill from a NPAS Inc from Kentucky in Nov 2016. I sent them a copy of my insurance card, a copy of the letter stating I owed nothing, my cell phone number, etc if they had questions contact me but please submit to my insurance company. Two months later I finally get a bill form Havasu Reg, so who is this NPAS company trying to collect money from me?? I gave them the same complete packet of information as well as a copy of the NPAS invoice. I was in close contact with my insurance company, going online watching if my hospital bills got paid and had to fight to get the individual doctors and servcies paid because insurance seen it as if they don't owe the hospital why should they pay their doctors, xrays, CT Scans, etc. So the only one holding up the process was Havasu Regional. Apparently they refused to not give my insurance company the form back or any statement as to why they were outside the billing alotment time. Legally my insurance has informed me I do not have to pay, I've done all I can and so have they. I however continue with trying to pay them. Makes me a bit crazy I guess. I've managed to get all the other doctors & services paid just not the hospital itself. I went in to the hospital and tried in person last week to get this resolved. Spoke with Billie she acted pretty much like those who admitted me, don't care to help you and apparently she does not do her job. She has not called me with an update which she said she would. I try calling there and the number below my review they gave me for the Director of Patient Experience is the outpatient scheduling department!!! They transferred me to Daisy's cell phone, she gave me the main hospital line, told to ask for Julie. Julie doesn't answer so left yet another message at this hospital. I believe now, there's no way they are this incompetent, I am no understanding they are ignoring helping me pay them because of my bad review. WARNING!!! IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE A NIGHTMARE EXPERIENCE BOTH DEALING WITH ADMITTING OR PAYING YOUR BILL WITH INSURANCE AVOID THIS HOSPITAL AT ALL COSTS!!! I'm going to do 2 reviews since its crucial the overly rude, horrible, unprofessionals working ER admittance & the female working Triage counter do not represent the rest of the staff. These 3 females need to be removed from not only this hospital but banned from the medical profession all together. I was brought to the ER one July 3rd around 2pm with a broken back. I begged them to please give me something hard like a clipboard to place behind my back because any curved movement was excruciating. They said they didn't have clipboards, even though they handed me one when they wanted my info so they made sure the hospital got paid!! The triage female was overly rude to me, went out of her way to punish me for arguing with them that I saw a clipboard can I have it back. I said if you won't give me backboard would she at least help me sit in the chair which looked stiffer. She said no! I was so delirious with pain whatever her rude comments were I started to blackout and can't recall.something about she doesn't know me and she was working a holiday so I can't expect her to help everyone with any little problem. I am going to ask various family members in medical profession how to make a formal complaint with the medical licensing etc. I do not want another severely injured person to have to beg for help in the ER ever again!!! If they hate the injured and have zero compassion then they shouldn't be in the medical profession!!! Shame on you for treating people this horribly!