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Consumer feedback about Henry Ford Macomb Hospital

Henry Ford Macomb Hospital
Reviewed from Google

2.8 out of 5 stars

Linda Rice
Linda Rice

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

My daughter had outpatient surgery on October 5, 2018 at your facility. I would like to thank each & everyone of you. You were all helpful, caring and very prompt in everything. I was updated throughout her surgery time which was very comforting. I work in the medical field and it's nice when you meet staff who care about the patient. God bless you and thanks again.


1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

If I could give zero stars, I would. Even before my own horrid experiences here I’d had others go through some bad ones, but was talked into this hospital by my OB because the labor and delivery was supposedly great.
First off my husband’s grandmother came in for something routine with her breathing and had to stay the night but was supposed to be released the next day; she had to use the bathroom but no one came for a long time after she’d called a button for help so she got up herself. Turns out they put the wrong socks on her (ones without the sticky bottoms for non fall risks or something) and she ended up falling and breaking her hip. She never left the hospital and died there due to complications from that.
My own experience was terrible too. I gave birth here. The anesthesiologist was awful. He was immediately bothered when he came in to do my epidural and I asked him to wait till my contraction had finished. This man unknowingly at the time also botched that epidural, giving me a spinal headache I wouldn’t know about till later.
We had nurses who didn’t care a bit. Same thing happened where I was asked to wait for somebody to help me go to the bathroom for the first time after birth, I called the nurse and waited and waited and eventually just got up and bled everywhere. The nurse rushed in and yelled at me for getting up, then soon after I needed a cathather back in because I had waited too long to empty my bladder after birth due to thee negligence.
Asking how to clean my stitches after an episiotomy the nurse said, “well I can’t tell you how to clean down there.”
When the medicine had totally warn off and I started feeling the awful effects of the spinal headache I had every nurse tell me i was fine, it was normal and my head and neck hurt because I’d pushed for so long. I even asked if it would have anything to do with the epidural and they straight out told me no and sent us on our way home.
Spinal turned into my not being able to hold my head up, hearing ringing in my ears and not being able to see the first night home and my husband had to take me to the ER while my mom watched our three day old newborn.
We were treated rudely by the staff. One women who checked us in scolded us for leaving the hospital and pretty much said, “well if you left that’s what you get. You shouldn’t have left that early.” When we’d spend the normal amount of time after birth there and had been repeatedly told nothing was wrong with me and it was normal.
We were sat in a room for about 4 hours while my breast will engorged and I was unable to be with my newborn or feed her. People came in and out and told us nothing. I got a blood patch and they immediately asked if I was feeling better and sat me up and then told me I could go.
They did not tell me I am supposed to lay flat on my back after recovery, nor did they do this while I was in recovery, so of course the blood patch did not work and we were back where we started.
Our trip to the ER lasted over 6 hours.
I wouldn’t go to this hospital again if I or a loved one was dying. You’d be better off taking your chances and going elsewhere. I can’t believe a hospital and staff can be so disgustingly cold or incapable. This place should be closed.

William Hollis
William Hollis

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Had a family member admitted into the ER and he sat for 4 hours without being on fluids due to kidney failing. Later that night was told he could of died due to him not getting the necessary fluids he needed in order to live. Would highly recommend NOT going to this hospital if all possible

Bill P
Bill P

3 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

It's 8:01 right now. We arrived at the ER waiting room at 5:38. I brought my step father here to be seen and he hasn't even been to triage yet. Hopefully his condition isn't life threatening. My mom wanted to call an ambulance and I told her that I'd come get them. What a mistake. Maybe if he came by ambulance he would have been seen by now or at the very least, someone would have at least asked him how he was.
The staff is rude. A young man just came out from behind his window yelling a name. A gentleman near me misheard him and thought it was his name being called. Instead of the young man showing some compassion, he looked at the gentleman, rolled his eyes eyes and walked away.
Stay away at all costs. Go to McClarren in Mt. Clemens instead. There is so much these people need to learn here.

Edit... 8:33, finally made it to triage. The young lady that took his information and vitals actually said to him "we're really busy. If you decide that you suddenly feel better and decide to go home, make sure you let us know." Great way to make him feel cared for.

Edit... 9:18. Still sitting in the waiting room.

Edit... 10:39. Still in the waiting room. We've been here for five hours now.

Edit... Finally got into a room and saw a doctor around 11:00-11:15.

Edit... 1:21 am. Changed from one star to two because of the kindness of the doctor.

Final edit... 6:52am. Finally on our way home. Changed rating to 3 stars. Our RN Alyse was spectacular. If I was only rating her and the two doctors who took care of my step dad, I'd give 5 stars. Unfortunately, I'm rating our entire experience.

Kim Watkins
Kim Watkins

5 out of 5 stars

posted 13 hours ago

My boyfriend has had 4 trips to the ER in the last 30 days. 2 at Henry Ford Macomb 2 a non Henry Ford facility. I have seen nurses and doctors go beyond any expectations. I had an RN Irene on third floor that truly needs proper recognition for amazing treatment. She will do anything to help a patient and family. She helped me completely rearrange a room to help the patient be more comfortable. I must say the entire situation has been so difficult on all of us but nurses like Irene help so much. I am so great ful to have my loved ones in this hospital I can sleep knowing he is being cared for.

Thank you for sharing with Irene I got a big hug. All the nurses aides and even the sitters haven't been fantastic. Not are hospitals are created equal I will drive to Henry Ford Macomb for all my healthcare needs.

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