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Consumer feedback about Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital

Sra. H
Sra. H

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

We had great service here! These nurses and doctors obviously know their profession well. Even the extra staff at the reception desk, those who transport the patients and those who work at the stores were kind, knowledgeable and even humorous at times to lighten our mood. The inside of this hospital feels like an indoor mall and also a forest. The ICU room we spent time in looked out onto the wooded inside court. Very soothing. Thank you, HF, West Bloomfield!

Jack Gadzala
Jack Gadzala

3 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

So, it appears that my parent is on the non-caring-staff floor at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. The alarm from her torn IV was ignored until a transiting nurse on her way to another floor heard it and came to her rescue (I watched the valiant rescue live on FaceTime). I heard that caring nurse explain that she was walking on her way to her floor, but heard the alarm, so she came in to check it out). Too bad my parent couldn’t be on THAT nurse’s floor.

On the plus side, the food is decent (apparently, better than the medical care).

T. Parks
T. Parks

2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

I have mixed feelings about my experience at this hospital. The nurses in labor and delivery were amazing. I would give them 5 stars. When I say amazing words can not express how kind they were to me and my family but I had the worst experience with my doctor. She was the absolute worst and I felt I was just a file # to her. She never even came for my scheduled csection and instead two doctors who I did not know cut me open and was completly not prepared. It took a third doctor to finally get my child out. I had a rough recovery and struggled to get back on my feet. I would never recommend this hospital because how can a doctor schedule surgery and not show up and see you twice while your on bed rest in the hospital for almost 30 days. Just horrible experience!

Miguel Brikho
Miguel Brikho

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Please do not bring yourself or loved ones to this hospital. Henry Ford of West Bloomfield is not a hospital it is a morgue. This institution does not promote health-care, it is simply sick-care. They will constantly try to discharge patients who are not ready for discharge. This hospital is simply profit motivated. Your loved ones will die here, do not bring them please. Providence hospital is a much better option. Dr. Abbey Bonato was the physician for the visit that prompted this review. I have reported her to the AMA. The lack of care in this hospital is astounding, if patients did not have their family members constantly asking for help and assistance then patients would never be helped. Please, please, please do not bring your loved ones here. It will end only in pain and suffering. As for the staff member that comments to these reviews please save yourself the time and energy and focus more on training your staff then typing worthless platitudes on a keyboard.

LaiLa SaLem
LaiLa SaLem

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I recently gave birth to my baby girl on November 13, 2018 at Henry Ford Hospital- West Bloomfield. The treatment I received from the moment I stepped foot in the hospital with obvious signs of pain and discomfort of contractions, a man in charge of the wheelchairs was already walking towards me, ready to relieve me by sitting down...

Upon arrival, my husband and I were greeted with a smile from the workers at the Information Counter and wished me luck on my delivery.

The gentleman who brought me the wheelchair personally wheeled me down the hospital and up to Labor and Delivery on the 3rd floor, he was so sweet!

I get checked in and a nurse comes to whisk me off to get checked to see if I was dilated, then straight to my labor and delivery room #8. Each and every nurse or doctor that my husband and I met were extremely sweet and genuinely compassionate towards me and all my labor pains, as I was in lots of pain!

All of the nurses showed genuine concern for me as if I were the only patient in the hospital! They tried to comfort me throughout my delivery and were truly compassionate. I absolutely loved it and was so appreciative of them.

I had a quick delivery with no pain meds and I really do owe it to them for helping me ease through it. I don't remember all of their names but a handful of them have stuck in my head because of their amazing treatment: Patricia (Patty), Leyla, Sarah, Debi, Olivia, Rachel. I can't remember the rest of their names but I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful treatment of the employees of Henry Ford Hospital- West Bloomfield!

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