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Consumer feedback about Highlands Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

John McLain

I waited nine hours only to have a doctor step in and tell me that he did not know how to treat me (I was having vertigo). It took him all of three minutes to tell me this. For this, the hospital charged me $1,800. As if that were not outrageous enough, after I paid the hospital, the doctor sent me a separate bill for another $1,200. No one, not the hospital nor the collection agency will give me a phone number or an address for the doctor. No one has been able to give me any detail regarding what this doctor's bill is for. I will not pay it and I will never set foot in that rat-hole again. By the way, why do I have to give any stars in order to post this?

Rating: 1 /5

Benny Daniel

Broke tailbone amounted to a temperature check pulse check and a exray 800 dollars . Few yrs back had gout in my heel guess what temperature check . Pulse check exray 548 dollars nothing done either time .was referred next door to that sports medicine dr 265 to 500 just for a appointment I had FMLA paperwork I needed filled out Highlands said our er drs don't fill those out almost lost my job finding a dr to look at them and sign them place needs closed permanently and leveled

Rating: 2 /5

Chris Long

They don't treat their patients with care. They just do what they can and get you out the door. They push you to pay them and their high prices.

Rating: 1 /5

Jinni Harrison

These inept individuals have a proven track record of having no common sense or medical knowledge. Most recently my father came in having chest pains. They sent him home saying his EKG was fine. Fast forward to 2 days later he was visiting family in SPRINGFIELD ILLINOIS and he had severe chest pains .... ended up being taken BY AMBULANCE to the ER and had 8 - EIGHT - blockages in his heart ranging from 85-90% which lead to immediate emergency bypass surgery. They said had he so much as got upset at a stoplight he would have had a massive heart attack and died right there. This hospital is HORRIBLE.

Rating: 1 /5

David Prince

I was dismissed as soon as I told them I was on Pain Medicine,They should shut them down. I had mymeds I was there because it worried me when B/P was 183 over 113