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1 Hoag Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA
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Consumer feedback about Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

Rating: 5 /5

sandra casillas

I had my daughter at this hospital and my entire experience was amazing. The nurses were so careful and considerate. Although I will never have another child I would recommend this place in a heart beat. Thank you HOAG. Not sure if it matters but I also have wonderful insurance. Just wanted to give people an understanding of my situation vs others. Hopefully it doesn't matter. I pray.

Rating: 5 /5

Carla Dunn

Wonderful Nurses, excellent Care. My doctor saved my live and she is Professional, kind and has a wonderful bedside manner and excellent surgical skills truly saved my live. Top notch Radiololgy department staff. I had 4 procedures in their capable hands.

Rating: 5 /5


The place to go if you are ailing... Hoag is the premiere hospital in Orange County California. Call first to find the room number and wing you will be visiting. Parking will be much easier as there are numerous lots and the hospital is huge. There are help desks but no need to check in and get a name badge... Hoag in Newport Beach is very trusting

Rating: 1 /5

Tyler Callen

My sister has been waiting for over 24 hours for a bed for induction. Every time she calls they tell her 2 more hours, she's currently 9 days late and the baby is just about 9lbs. This hospital is completely trash as far as organization goes. Avoid this hospital if you actually want to give birth.

Rating: 5 /5

Letitia Wells

I want to give this hospital 5 stars. For everyone out there complaining sit back and hear my story. I have had two children delivered by c-section at this hospital and I live over an hours drive away. My doctor was amazing, the staff caring and the facility amazing. I speak so highly because I have seen negligence in a hospital setting. My 24 year old healthy sister went to one of our local hospital with a decent reputation to have a natural child birth. After delivery her doctor left the hospital with no regard for his patient and my sister hemorrhaged to death never getting the opportunity to raises her daughter. My doctor at Hoag knew this story and went into high alert. Everyone on staff knew what happed to my sister and were constantly checking me. They went over and beyond. My baby days are over but I can never say enough good things about Dr. Moniak and the staff at Hoag hospital.