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Consumer feedback about Holmes Regional Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Susan Frcka

I very reluctantly went to this ER as many reviews were very negative. Let me tell you it was one of the best ER experiences I’ve ever had. We were in and out including exam, X-rays and ortho boot placement in less than 90 minutes and they appeared to be fairly busy. EVERY staff member was friendly, caring and extremely professional. I am sorry for those who may not have had a good experience but I rate this ER a 5 Star.

Rating: 5 /5

Tom Young

My wife came in the emergency room with extreme kidney pain. The staff did an amazing job to hurry up the process, keeping informed with what is going to happen and possible outcomes. They were very accommodating. Great experience, definitely going to continue to go there with all medical needs.

Rating: 1 /5

Thomas Mancini

Wife had extremely painful abdominal pain. They let her sit in the er waiting room for 4 hours before telling us they couldnt help because they had no rooms. My wife was in tears, asked the nurse how much longer and the women acted like she didn't care. They only way you will be seen at this hospital is if you come by ambulance. We have counted at least 40 people who have walked out because they have been waiting way to long. A man came in with a spider bite 2 hours after us. Was clearly intoxicated and raised his voice and claimed because he was a "black man" the white folk wouldn't see him. Was taken back ten min later. But my wife who is clearly in excruciating pain has to wait going on 4 hours. Unacceptable. Worst establishment ever.

Rating: 5 /5

Gary Martin

Great stay (at least as good as it can get being in the hospital). ALL the staff that assisted me were wonderful, especially my nurse Stacy. She was great. Nice, pleasant and professional. Everybody went out of their way to take good care of me. I was pleasantly surprised.

Rating: 2 /5

no name

My experience in L&D was not a pleasant one. I was directly admitted from my OB because I was in active labor. Went to HRMC and waited AT LEAST an hour in the waiting room before they took me back, because they were "waiting for a bed to be cleaned." I get that they are very busy on their L&D ward, however don't take back a pregnant woman getting induced who's not in labor, before ME who was almost 7 centimeters and clearly in excruciating pain. Once they finally took me back no one could get an IV in me (never had this happen). I am a nurse and IVS are a basic skill okay. I requested someone else to try and they finally got it in an hour later. I was begging for an epidural but it was too late to get it because of all the waiting I had to do. One of the nurses wore a bandana and damn was she just a snotty thing the whole time! Very rude and condescending. Linda and the pregnant nurse were the only caring ones I encountered who actually had some empathy for me and did all they could to make me comfortable.. Mother baby unit was a totally different experience. Just simply amazing from when I got there until I left. Every single nurse, CNA, Dr, housekeeping, just amazing! They made me feel so comfortable and that family snack area was just awesome!!