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Consumer feedback about Holmes Regional Medical Center


1 out of 5 stars

posted 17 minutes ago

As I’ve been in several hospital over the past six years I can honestly say this was the worst experience in a hospital I’ve ever had and hope to never experience again.

I was admitted for 8 days. In that time I experienced pretty much any horror story you’ve heard of, waking up in my own waste, no one responding to calling via the nurse button, being expected to use a shared bathroom with feces on the toilet seat.

No one offered me any personal hygiene in 8 days. Thank God my husband helped with sponge baths and brushing my teeth when he realized on day three that nothing had been done.

The dietary team is not equipped to handle food allergies. Their answer was to feed me the same meals four days in a row. By day four I was gagging so my husband brought food from the cafe and home.

As a patient you’re subjected to hospitalists that don’t agree on your treatment plan. They change your treatment plan without discussion or continuity.

I could go on, but this gives you an idea of what i experienced. Hoping to never go back.

Megan Carina
Megan Carina

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I had to stay overnight recently and the staff was awesome. When the Stewart came to take my food order late at night, they had so many options. They even threw in an extra pudding cup for me which I was like "Hell yeah!" The bill was horrendous (of course) but the service was beyond my expectations. I'm not afraid of hospitals anymore.

Tiffany Davis
Tiffany Davis

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Best Hospital I ever been admitted to!!! Phenomenal staff that treats you like family. Need more Lead nurses like Kyong Lewis. Had such a great night sleep I'm not sure if I want to leave. Highly recommended Holmes Regional in Melbourne, FL if you have to go to a Hospital!

Eileen Barbieri
Eileen Barbieri

3 out of 5 stars

posted 6 days ago

It's a Hospital.
People are admitted to a hospital because they are sick and need to recover.
They don't go into a hospital to get sicker.
A beloved relative was admitted with aspiration pneumonia who gets well enough over a couple of days to be discharged isn't supposed to then get hospital acquired MRSA pneumonia, isn't supposed to get much much sicker, weaker, and think " I AM DYING ".
Should not require a new team of several doctors, an additional almost two weeks on iv antibiotics, lose ability to ambulate, lose all hope ...
A person who has gotten MRSA pneumonia in the hospital should not have to then get a roommate who also has MRSA pneumonia, who yells out all night long, who impedes her/his recovery.
While most of the professionals caring for patients are very good at what they do, the fact that a preventable infection can cause a patient to become much sicker and have to remain inpatient much longer than original diagnosis warrants, is not only unacceptable , it is Inexcusable.
Notably the nurses and doctors are genuinely concerned and dedicated. Sadly, experiences and observation revealed many CNAs do not follow protocol, are lazy, slow, disrespectful, uncaring and probably not suited for employment in hospital setting.

Many issues. No baseline of comparison. How does Holmes stack up with other hospitals?
Who knows?
Given a choice, maybe somewhere else is a better option...

Brittany C.
Brittany C.

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 days ago

WORSE experience of my life! Came here with my contractions every 3 minutes apart and dilated to almost 4, sent me home because they didn’t have the sensors on right to read the contractions. The nurse said “I walked around being dilated to a 3 for 3 weeks” yeah but we’re you having bad contractions every 3 minutes?! I came straight to Cape Canaveral hospital and what do you know, I was in labor. I will never return to this hospital again I can promise you that!

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