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19829 N 27th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027, USA
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Consumer feedback about Honorhealth Deer Valley Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

# 1 Detailer In AZ.

I will start by saying absolutely Amazing and professional Staff & Doctors. I was there for 2 and a 1/2 days. After a heart attack. And the care was the best I ever received. Beyond my imagination. I'm so thankful for all the people there that truly care about the people that come in with emergencies. The doctors explained everything far more thoroughly than was necessary. But they wanted to make sure that I was understanding everything. Very thorough as well. THANKS to all in the E.R. For your Quick and Great Care. Thanks to Dr Duong. And the many other Doctors. My Nurses in the ICU: Dan, Courtney And Matt. You are all My Hero's Now. But above all that I thank the Lord for getting me through it all. God-bless you all. 😊

Rating: 5 /5

Lynda Tanner

Received outstanding, quick care for a kidney stone. Left there with a report in hand showing me more about my health than a half dozen doctors over the last 2 yrs. I am impressed!! Great staff and caretakers. And they were dealing with some crazy stuff while I was there but managed to concentrate on my immediate comfort.

Rating: 2 /5

Crystal Pfeifer

Havent had a great experience here. My dad has pneumonia 2 weeks after having knee surgery. The nurses are all over the place and they dont keep track of the medications. They only good experience here is our nurse sherry. Shes very experienced and knows what shes doing. Other than her nobody at this hospital knows anything. And the cafeteria here the staff is rude and very unorganized.

Rating: 1 /5

Jennifer Perry

My husband had surgery and a one night stay at this hospital. I would not ever go back here if I didn't have to. Everything from recovery to the room he was in was poorly run. They didn't have any rooms available so we were in recovery for several hours and the nurse wouldn't even let us close the curtain a little so he could get some sleep. When he finally got to a room he was not taken care of. Not told he needed to order food, was not brought water or any toiletries to brush his teeth. Asked for things on several occasions, told they would get it and then they were never brought. My husband is paralyzed, he needs to be turned in bed, they didn't do that either, even after he called the nurse. He was told they would be back, but they didn't come. Over all just a very poorly run hospital. Some of the nurses were good, but you could see they were understaffed. Others didn't care at all.

Rating: 5 /5

chere washburn

Took our son to the Pediatric ER and they were awesome. They were so good to him. The level of care was outstanding. The waiting room was packed and our wait was less than an hour. We would definitely go back in the future.