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Consumer feedback about Hospital of Central Connecticut, the

Rating: 5 /5

Mary Mele

The emergency department should be recognized for their OUTSTANDING patient care. I was very sick this past Tuesday & Wednesday. The staff made sure I was very well taken care of. All questions I had were explained to myself and my father. I was very scared and each of the Doctors and Nursing staff made sure to validate how I felt. They explained all the monitors and tests there were preforming. I left this facility with confidence I will get better. Thank you

Rating: 1 /5

Angela LaMay

Awful. Simply awful. Disrespectful and condescending providers. Nurses were laughing, chatting and listening to music at the nurses station. Not acceptable when I am a patient in extreme pain, waiting to be seen. The disregard for human compassion is unbelievable. I'm disgusted. Will NEVER return.

Rating: 1 /5

Logan Rutkowski

Lousy Hospital. If you need to go to one, drive or tell the ambulance to take you anywhere else. The clinic also disappeared with no trace, refusing to respond to medication refills or return phone calls; very poorly handled and mismanaged. Not to mention they charge you an arm and a leg just to park there. Anywhere else is better than this place, even if driving five more minutes could mean death.

Rating: 5 /5

Spiros Mavrudis

The hospital's staff are objective and professional. The customer service was hospitable and cleary communicative. I didnt have trouble, nor did i have to wait very long at the emergency dept. Excuse unedited grammar

Rating: 1 /5

Elizabeth Matos

The front end nurses at the emergency room department are disgustingly rude! And unprofessional! Why go into the nursing field if you aren’t suitable for the job. If a patient walks into the emergency room feeling pressure in his cerebrum and explains to you that he’s been seen else where but is now having different symptoms along with pressure to his head don’t you think he needs to be treated kindly and not just act like nothing is wrong. And on top of acting like nothing is wrong having an attitude problem while I’m stating what my husband is feeling and telling me “ I heard” sarcastically and rudely as if what I’m explaining is irrelevant. This hospital needs to fire these so called RN’s and hire real nurses who actually give their lives and time to treat the sick and the impaired. How the world has changed people working for a paycheck instead of having passion in their field of work. I give it up for all those dedicated real doctors and nurses out there who truly and whole heartedly studied medicine for the love of curing and helping others. Other than that, these Cruella Deville wannabes need to seek employment elsewhere. I should call ER management and report them. It’s time to evaluate these so called employees. Sincerely, Really Angry Wife!