Houston Hospital for Specialized Surgery

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MedicalRecords.com Rating 3.4
20 reviews

About Houston Hospital for Specialized Surgery

Houston Hospital for Specialized Surgery was founded in 1994 as a surgical facility featuring six operating rooms, two procedure rooms, and a 2-bed ED
The hospital’s range of specialties includes gastroenterology, general surgery, gynecology, ophthalmology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthopedic surgery, otorhinolaryngology (ENT), pain management, plastic surgery, podiatry, and vascular surgery.

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MedicalRecords.com Rating 3.4
(20 reviews)

April Cryer

Worst hospital ever. My father contracted a infection from the hospital after his surgery. Acinetobater, contracted from dirty hospitals. No one will answer my questions and they avoid them. Now he will be on antibiotics for 4 weeks fighting this infection, staying hopefull he doesn't have long term side effects

Cheril Lewis-Roberts

My husband was a patient for surgery 4-3-19 thru 4-5-19. During his stay I must say the care he was given by Lula Marie, Christina (on day 1 and 2) and Susan was outstanding. There was another person on day 1 Flor who I can't remember ever meeting. I'm mentioning these ladies as they were his day nurse/Tech care and did an over the top care for him. However, his night care Natasha and Adriana or Ariana was a disappointment. My husband wasn't sure if he could get out of bed to go to the bathroom and the call button wasn't accessible for him. He called out several times to see if anyone was available to help and ask questions. Natasha took it upon herself to come into the room in an honoree/angry voice stating "stop hollering out you, have a call button, use it, we're busy" and closed the door. I ask him if he saw her again throughout the night he indicated no however, he did see the other lady. So unsure if he could get out of bed he ended up laying in a sored bed for the rest of the night. Next morning Lula came in to check on him only to find that he was wet as well as his hair, immediately corrected the problem and apologized for the mishap. I called the Director Marzia Kamal after finding out what had happen - explained what had transpired, she indicated we would meet at 8:00 a.m. the following morning. Of course I wasn't sure if I could make it at that time but made it appoint to be there and was at 7:30 a.m.. She arrived at 8:35 a.m. after asking the nurse to let her know we were waiting to talk with her. She indicated she was on top of this and will make sure to meet with CNO Priscilla Trevino and the night crew. Now, one thing that struck me that Marizia mentioned - they only have 7 beds in that facility, how can they be so busy when there were only 4 beds filled and all were patients of the same doctor my husband has and being the middle of the night I'm sure they were sleep. I will voice my concerns with my husbands doctor on how he was treated. HIGHLY DISSATIFIED!!!

Seeker Sees

Never been to this facility but I'm receiving fraudulent bills from this place for some lab work that was done by a doctor at another facility. I called this place to find out that it was closed down so how the hell am I getting a bill from them? I called the actual doctor/provider who did the lab and they show my balance as zero. They even stated they had other patients who have called about the same thing. What's going on here? I want to know how this facility got my personal information to send me a bill for something that's already been paid in full. How can a facility bill if they've been closed for months. How did they get my information from another provider with actual services provided. I can't reach anyone at this location to question the bill but I know it's paid in full. What's even more bizarre, is this bill was from a doctors visit 18 months ago. WTH?

Operator Mike

Orderlies exceptional, I was treated with kindness and dignity. Dr. Nader is professional and I felt very confident in his abilities.

Buster Gray

As of last week October 2018, I received a bill for lab work, as well as doctor visits from June 2017 thru November 2017. These bills are fraudulent, as I paid the doctor in full & what they told me I owed, at the time services were rendered. Plus, three of the visits were only for $10 B12 shots, not hospital visit for $481. I tried calling the number on the bill & was unable to reach anyone or leave a message. The facility I went to was known as Wellness Associates of Katy, located at Fry & Kingsland. Then they moved near Wilcrest & I10 office & was identified as US Pain & Spine Hospital, which is where the bill shows to have come from. However, these bills are completely wrong & fraudulent & unfortunately my insurance has already paid quite a bit on this, unknown by me until now. As well, I received a bill from Sunset Labs for hormone lab work, they billed my insurance company for over $6K which the doctor from Wellness Associates of Katy had ordered. Come to find out, Sunset Labs is out of network & can bill the insurance company anything they choose as a result. This charge was for nothing more than a couple hormone levels testing....for $6K???? This entire place, including Sunset Labs is a fraud!!