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Consumer feedback about Houston Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

teresa jay

My client was recently admitted to Houston Medical. The poor nursing staff lied about returning back to her room to give her a bath. I visited her the following day and spoke to a different nurse that said " I have 14 other patients, I'll see if I'll have time to come back and bath her... Sorry." Yes... Your right, you are sorry! When is it ok as a nurse to make excuses for your job not being met! YOU, as a nurse signed up for the job... We as love ones and family members just expect you to do your job... With no EXCUSES! The WORST HOSPITAL I've ever been in.

Rating: 1 /5

Jasmine Rice

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to and never phanthom of experience the worst customer care/ assistance from this hospital staff. My 1yr old needed to be seen immediately. The staff members had no clue on what they were doing and are extremely rude. Other people where also in the waiting room with kids for hours before and after us and there where *no rooms available* quoted by one of the staff. Me and my family stayed at the hospital from 10:30pm-4:00am and still was not seen by anyone. PLEASE AVOID THIS FROM HAPPENING TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES. And must I say that my little one and I have valid insurance... So no excuse! This is so unacceptable and I'm a firm believer that this hospital should be reported for the lack of abandoning ill and injured patients and a poor example of the expectation that a hospital should have and be ran properly.. Just a concerned mother about my little one and others with kids (loved ones) as well. ~Blessings To You All~

Rating: 5 /5

Terry Daniel

I was there on 01/03/2018. I had same day surgery, and highly recommend this Medical Facility to all. I was treated with respect and professionalism from the moment I walked through the front door until the very last moment I was wheeled to my car. Thanks to ALL involved with my stay.

Rating: 1 /5

Heather Houston-Meeks

I am disgusted with the disgraceful ER service at this facility. My family member, a senior, was checked in before 10pm last night with dangerously high blood pressure and informed there would be a 3-5 hour wait. She was initially spoken with, but was left in the main waiting room, surrounded by people who clearly had the flu or other serious illnesses for hours with no further assistance offered. Because her husband has Parkinson's and was unable to stay the night with her, she sat for approximately ten hours by herself and NEVER received service. Her blood pressure was so high, she could have had a stroke in the waiting room. Having an overwhelmed ER is no excuse for the abysmal lack of service and care displayed for our loved one. If it were possible to give zero stars for service today, we would do so.

Rating: 1 /5

Laura Vazquez

Went this morning because I thought I had the flu. Had a temperature since the night before. I’ve had migraines since 2 days ago and haven’t been able to keep down food in past 2 days as well. I told them I was throwing up blood and that my tonsils were starting to close up. KEEP IN MIND I AM PREGNANT. I told them several times and continued to be in the waiting for up to 2-3 hours. I threw up blood and I let them know and I still was in no rush to be helped. I was crying in the waiting room from pain and a migraine... meanwhile a nurse came up and turned up the TV louder right beside me to keep me from being so loud... While I was there the front staff was rude except for a Hispanic nurse that managed to help me find a room quicker. Besides that they were all on their phones and laughing about nonsense while they had patients with the flu and fevers in the waiting room. There was a little girl about the age of 3... with a high fever and she had been waiting longer than I had. Not one person was seen for 2 hours. Keep in mind there was only about 8 patients about the time. Finally got take into a room and got to see a nurse named Amy. She answered all my questions and gave me medicine for nausea. Very grateful for her help. Con about her is that she came in and told me I had the flu with a low grade fever and made me take off my jacket and blanket... while I was waiting another 4 hours In the room... i was freezing. She offered a sheet though. Worst experience by far that I’ve had here. Usually they aren’t no where near as bad. I saw at least 3 shift changes in the Er patient waiting room while I was waiting. Was planning to give birth here but having second thoughts about the care id be put through... if I could give half a star I would. That’s all they deserved. Will not be coming back for any type of medical assistance. Very disappointed. I thought they got paid to their job. I’m also a nursing student and I would at least try to rush the hospital to get help for the patients.. but no one really gave a damn.