Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center

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574 reviews
MedicalRecords.com Rating 3.5
574 reviews

About Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center

Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center – Houston is the primary health care provider for Veterans in Harris County and 27 surrounding counties in Southeast Texas.
The hospital’s range of services includes diagnostic services, radiation therapy, surgery, and medical treatment including cardiovascular surgery, gastrointestinal endoscopy, ophthalmology, nuclear medicine, and treatment of spinal cord injury and diseases.
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center also provides cardiac and general surgery programs, liver transplant center, and VA epilepsy and cancer centers.

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  • veterans Administration Acute Care
MedicalRecords.com Rating 3.5
(574 reviews)

Freddie King

Dr. Love was good and his staff in his office where great as well. But expect to spend all day at medical just like being in the military again. Some staff are nice and others act like they don't want to be here and they are doing you a favor (Common area's, Blood work area, ID station). I have private insurance Blue Cross Blue shield of Texas. I was charged on my tax return for a visit i had that year no big deal. And the restrooms my god filthy but i have to blame some vets as well for that mess. And you wonder why people don't come to the VA. I haven't been back since and would prefer to go the private route. I would have gave 1 star but you really do have some people that care there. I just don't have the time and then you have to go through so much red tape ( i get and understand trying to wing out the people that don't really need help and also trying to save the government money).

Hyde Park at Montfort Assistant Manager

Since the date we were informed of Brooke's diagnosis with NHL Cancer, she has exuded amazing faith in her God! We cannot know how long she was experiencing symptoms; however, we do know that the Lord has big plans for Brooke. This has changed our lives as well as Brooke in some very challenging yet amazing ways! We give praise to our Creator and thank all of those praying for Brooke. The doctors and nursing teams at Michael E Debakey VA Hospital have been stellar! Her family would like to thank these professionals that have taken a vested interest in Brookes care and future.

James Robayo

I'm at the downtown VA quite a bit and it seems lately parking is getting less & less convenient. I usually try & park in the patient lot so I can walk in. The last several times I've tried to park I go in & drive around & the lot is full!! With a security person in the booth there at the entrance why don't they know the lot is full and direct vets to park elsewhere or to get in line for valet parking??? What is that "security" person doing there? I drive over an hour to get there & I try to time everything just so I don't waste a lot of time. Driving in circles looking for parking when there isn't any is a waste. Then having to get in the line for valet parking uses up a lot of time!!

lloyd plourde

August 30th I was admitted in the hospital for hip revision surgery. Being Labor Day weekend I was happy that it was getting done even if I spent the weekend there. Got to meet several Doctors in Orthopedics. After surgery I found myself on the second floor 2B room 224 for the next 3 days I was impressed with the concern they all had for my recovery. Each and every one that worked that weekend deserve nothing but a grateful thank you for taking care of me. Nurses, Doctors, food service and custodians all did a fantastic job. There is actually more to say but will wait after my follow up appointment on the seventeenth which is this Tuesday. I am Lloyd Plourde a grateful and thankful veteran, to all who worked Labor Day weekend on 2B Room 224. Thank you, Thank you

Stephanie Cunningham

Nice clean and friendly place I like the place personally my ex boyfriend went there I went shopping at the shopping center upstairs and loved it they had very nice stuff there!