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Consumer feedback about Howard University Hospital

Rating: 3 /5

Alisha Vollmer

Me and my son are here literally right now. Staff is really nice. They are definitely not the problem... but the temperature has Ben an issue since I came here for the delivery of my son.. I was freezing shaking while pushing him out... and then on the mother baby side where we recover until we are discharged the room is not better either... its so cold i feel horrible everytime i have to change him. I'm sitting here covered in three blankets right now freezing... apparently something with the main heater is wrong... it's absolutely miserable in here...

Rating: 1 /5

David Molina

Go to GWU hospital. You will get better and faster service. There is a reason Ronald Regan went to GWU and not Howard. Do not come to this hospital. I came here in a lot of with a broken bone and they made me gobble around on my broken foot. The security guard made me park on the other side of the lot. Because “it is the policy.” I was in an incredible amount of pain. The nurse complained when I did sit in the lobby and asked for a wheelchair. I waited in the hallway for about an hour to get an X-ray. I had to wait four hours to see a doctor. The doctor was some kid in his residency and misdiagnosed my injury. He told me to eat more meat. How the heck is going to help me heal my bone? As a doctor I figured he would recommend more plant based amino acids. I went to a second doctor and got the correct diagnosis at GWU hospital. I went in for an MRI at Howard Hospital. The staff was rude, unorganized. More interested in joking around with their friends then taking my MRI. I asked when will I get my results. They said it will go to your doctor. I said, which doctor and they yelled at me “YOUR DOCTOR.” I said, Who? They said “your doctor bye!” I hate this hospital and vow not to return. Waste of time and a waste of money.

Rating: 1 /5

Iyanna Hawkins

This hospital is the worse I came 15mins late after they told me i had a grace period to be a little late. then when I arrived they told me I couldn’t be seen because I was 25mins late instead of 15mins so that I had to reschedule. Mind you I’ve waited a whole month just to get this appointment then they told me I can come back in 2/2 weeks for another appointment. This is my very first pregnancy and they haven’t did anything to assure that my baby was healthy and okay!! They later told me I had to bring in my referral that was given to me to go to Howard hospital after I asked over the phone did I have to bring in any information the lady at the front desk said just a medical card and ID. I then told her I didn’t have my id so she said it was fine. Moral of the story they are unprofessional asf and they don’t work with u in no way shape or form. This hospital is so low I wouldn’t even send a roach there. The smell is horrible!!! I Hate this hospital......

Rating: 1 /5

King Corbie

Service is very poor, staff is very unprofessional and poor of skills also communication. I wouldn’t recommend this hospital for those in need and in serious conditions such as I am.

Rating: 5 /5

Samantha Eastman

Went today and it was a very fast and friendly environment. I am very pleased!