Huguley Memorial Medical Center Rating
54 reviews
2.3 Rating 2.3
54 reviews

About Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South

Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South opened in 1977 as a member of the Adventist Health System, the hospital is licensed for more than 350 beds.
The hospital provides full critical care facilities with an Emergency Department featuring a Level IV Trauma Center designation by the Texas Department of State Health Services, Primary Stroke Center certification by The Joint Commission, Medical Intensive Care Unit staffed with 10 beds, Cardiovascular Critical Care Unit, and Cardiac Catheterization Lab.
Other hospital services include an open-heart surgery center, behavioral health, orthopedics, spine care, women’s center, wound care, and hyperbaric medicine services, and breast care.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 2.3
(54 reviews)

Spaceman Spiff

Over $5000 for some blood tests, an xray, and an ekg. $50 for an antacid. This place needs to be investigated. By the way, $5000 AFTER the insurance payout. For three hours waiting for tests.

Irais Ortiz

Wish I could give five stars to this hospital because of the nice people working there 🙁

Tifani Dooley

I had to go to the emergency room to make sure that my children and I didn’t have carbon monoxide poisoning and got billed for it for $427 and I don’t mind paying my bill. I had to wait until I was in a financial place to do so. So I started making payments on it so they were at least getting paid for my bill and they still sent the account to collections because they didn’t set it up on a payment plan the bill didn’t say that I had to set it up on a payment plan. I think that the doctor in the nursing staff were very unprofessional as it was, except for the respiratory tech that drew the blood gas, I tried to look past this because I was at the end of a very long trip and just wanted to get home. I will never use this facility again and I’ll make sure I tell my family and friends.

jessa huddleston

Had our adoptive daughter here and the whole 48 hours we had to be there sucked. It was unprofessional, they called Cps on us for declining some medical care that was unnecessary. Cps came in our room and told us they were not concerned with the declining of the “care”. The pediatric doctor threatened me telling me I was going to kill or injure our newborn daughter and could make her go blind. He then informed me he was going to come back after questioning me over and over to give me information on what we declined to educate me... I was planning to nurse our baby and they told me I could not nurse her due to her not being legally my daughter yet and they couldn’t monitor my milk to see if I was on drugs. It was a total nightmare. Every nurse was rude saying snide comments and all judging us because of our choices. I will never return to this hospital for any care.

Levi Hanslow

great nothing to complain about these other people came in when the rooms where full and they just assume that one of the rooms are empty but they are full. i understand that there are emergencies but thats was emergency care is for. there was one lady that seemed rude but she was stressed from being at work to long