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Consumer feedback about Huntington Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

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Stay away if you have an emergency you better goto a different hospital I Was in a car accident I went to the emergency Room with a broken hip they told me my hip was not broken and to go home. they kept wanting to give me a flu shot. I refuse to go home needing service I stayed in the hospital for 2 days I was not offered a gown or any water I had to ask for everything when I asked to be transferred to a different hospital they told me that I have to have an MRI before they will transfer me When I was finally transferred to another hospital I took the x-rays that were taken at Huntington with me none of the x-rays were any good. they had to take all new x-rays And the doctor wanted to do "exploratory surgery" I would not tell my worst enemy to go there

Rating: 5 /5

Nana forChrist

Kind staff. Considerate of patien's fears. Clean looking. Entrance looks like you are arriving at a Spa. Colon re-section went beautifully for family member.

Rating: 1 /5

Haley N

My best friend was ill for along time and after so many times in and out of the hospital he built a relationship with the medical staff there. We can all imagine how difficult must be to know you are dying, as my friend did. There were those days he didnt want to be bothered, there were those days he needed love and understanding it was a very hard time for him. One day i walked in room of my friends at the entrance there was a lady t playing a huge harp, with an angelic voice almost looked like an angel. My first impression was oh my god hes dead, whats going on? I didnt know what to think. you would think this is a nice touch for someone is dying right? well it wasnt for my friend I will never forget the look on his teary eyes as he was shivering afraid because he was also confused, he said to me. why are they doing this why are they torturing me, i dont want to die yet. it broke my heart!!!...common sense it is not for everyone i called and complained about it. ironically my friend passed away from a head imjury nothing to do with all his medical problems. i was his power of attorney. we signed documents there and gave the nurses station a copy of them, well when he died they never notify me, medical records "sheena" said they didnt notify me because his chart was down stairs. I was like...are you serious?? there is no excuse for not allowing me to be there by his side. all because they were lazy. i have a voicemail where sae person admits being wrong and she apologize for the mistake....Haha it is not a thing it is someones life. ok so I called the hospital to retrieve his personal property clothing he was wearing, wallet, anything he had on him. Hospital doesn't know anything they never called me back either. I requested a medical report and it has been almost 2 months and i still haven't heard from them. i found out my friend had passed because i called coroners office and unfortunately they confirmed he was there. I am very resentful towards Huntington memorial hospital, there is no words to describe the agony they've caused me. it is very frustrating when you have so many questions and there is no one available to answer you. I often find myself feeling depressed and angry.the lack of professionalism i can understand sometimes they have interns and they learn as they go along, yet not being compassionate is beyond my understanding we are born with human instincts it is our nature to act like humans. Huntignton Memorial Hospital what a dissapointment!!!

Rating: 4 /5

Robb Armend

Peaceful atmosphere good security.staff and Drs very friendly and helpful

Rating: 1 /5

Erika Saavedra

The worst service í need a surgery í have a terrible pain for 2 weeks and what a surprise they can do the surgery because is no want to of the especialist that want to do the surgery so i have to stay with my pain and find a place that they can help me the first and the last time that came here this is like a movie of terror