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Consumer feedback about Indian River Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Jaclyn Janetis

I had my first child at this hospital over a week ago and I cannot begin to tell you how amazing my experience was and it is all thanks to the staff. The nurses, the doctors, the ob techs, the ultrasound techs, even the secretary's at emergency and outpatient were wonderful. As an new mother I was also new to breastfeeding and the nurses immediately helped my son and I. Offering to take him for a few hours as well so my S/O and I could get some sleep. They answered all of my questions, guided me, took care of me, and were over the top nice to me and all of my visitors. Special thanks to Dr. Crawford, Dr. Wolf, Nurse Jessica, and Nurse Misty. Thank you all for the exceptional care for the best day of my life.

Rating: 5 /5

Shawn Daniels

A good hospital and has great staff that help you out with bascially any concerns you have.

Rating: 1 /5

Susan Noneofyourbusinrss

Does anyone at IRMC ever read these reviews? It appears they need to.. i think local and state officials should also be made aware. Oh right, they were posted as Google users and gave the place a 5!

Rating: 1 /5

Klaus S

I am very much frustrated by the unprofessional experience we had with Dr. Alekunde from Nigeria. He did not seem to care about my wife's excruciating pain in her hip caused by a severe Sciatic nerve inflammation. Her heartbeat was over 168/110 and she was breezing heavy, having numbness in her left arm and chest pain. He did not even hear her chest with a stethoscope and did nothing to calm her down. My wife was begging to get admitted to the hospital although she is not a fan of hospitals, but she was and still is in such bad shape that she needed help. Because we insisted she got an injection to relieve some pain but that did not work as the Doc promised.He explained that he would commit Medicare fraud if he admitted my wife and started a big discussion about this subject in front of my wife who now throw up badly and the Doc just turned his back and left!!! I told him I would pay for her stay but he was not listening and left us crying alone. My wife was terribly shaken and could not calm down, than a rough nurse (?) Sherryl) came in and requested immediately a blood pressure check. My wife felt so week and down that she asked for a minute to get the strength for that but she answered very rude - No, I have no time you will be released and I have to do it right now! Standing on the wall and supported by me my wife's blood pressure was still too high and Sheryl yelled - what still that high? Is is my wife's fault not getting a good treatment in an emergency room with stressed out nurses that should have patients for their patients because the people they are dealing with are >>> sick! Than all run away and nothing happens until a cleaning crew came up and wondered why we were still there.I asked then for the patients advocate Darlene (?) who can in and discussed the whole problem in a friendly manner. She called Effren (?) I think and he give us some good advice. These two people were the ONLY once that helped a little and this is a shame at such huge expensive hospital. We paid over the years thousands of Dollars with our property tax involuntary to the hospital and what are we getting back??? My wife was pushed out of the hospital in a 5x as bad condition as she came in. I hope we have never to see such an unprofessional crew in my life. Next time (?) I will ask for an other doc. To the management: Check your procedures again and again! Get rid of unhappy Doctors and Nurses - your repudiation goes down the drain and I am considering suing your hospital for not helping my wife and dismiss her with more pain that she had before! Please answer me. Klaus and Patient Sieglinde S.

Rating: 1 /5

Laura Adams

I was in IRMC from Sunday until Tuesday, my room was never cleaned. My sheet was changed on the 3rd morning only because the nurse couldn't get the needle in my vein and there was blood all over it. I have pictures I would love to share of the filth but I don't see where I can do this!