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1505 W Sherman Ave, Vineland, NJ 08360, USA
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Consumer feedback about Inspira Medical Center Vineland

Rating: 1 /5

nfn 27

Wish I can give this hospital 0 stars. My mom was having pain in her lower side abdomen. My boyfriend took her to the Vineland Inspira emergency room around 4pm. I got done work at 7 and met them there. I literally left there around 8 to go home change and grab a bite to eat (I live in Malaga) and went back around 10 and she was still in the waiting room! They were taking people back that showed up way after her! Long story short, after waiting about 6.5 hours in the waiting room without being seen at all, we left Inspira and I drove her to Kennedy in TWP, and they took her right back right away and said "thank god you brought her here when you did, her kidneys are slowly shutting down." Thank god she turned out to be okay after being admitted for 5 days. Would never recommend this hospital to anyone!

Rating: 1 /5

Eric R

Took family member in to ER for heart issues/anxiety and took 3 hours just to see the first nurse who inputs vitals in system. Then another 3 1/2 hours wait to see ER doctor!! Unacceptable with nobody knowing how long anything will take to see a doctor. Many sick patients of course, a much larger new Senior ER was near capacity. So increase your staff and get more organized and helpful for the "EMERGENCY" patients who are suffering and getting more sick waiting to be helped. Very poor customer service.

Rating: 2 /5

jill burke

I am absolutely appalled that my daughter was given the vitamin k shot without my INFORMED CONSENT. "Well all NICU babies get it" is NOT a good enough reason for me. On the other hand labor & delivery staff are wonderful. Make sure you have extra support during your childbirth experience! Hire a doula and make sure someone always has eyes on baby.

Rating: 1 /5

Jim Hutchins

My handicapped nephew was taken in by ambulance. He had stopped breathing at home and was revived by my sister in law. Thru ER they did ekg and blood then put him in their transport chair and put him in the waiting room. 4 hours later, still had not seen Dr, and he was in pain, not in his regular chair, and, he uses a catheter. Chair pain became unbearable and ER did not or would not provide a different chair or a gurney. Told wait time was 12 hours. Unbelievable! Drove my sister in-law home to get his own wheelchair and she took him home after 5 useless hours in the ER. Go to Philly or Atlantic Care

Rating: 5 /5

Carlo DeVito Jr

Everything went great for me. The food was amazing