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Iredell Health System
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3.4 out of 5 stars

RP Owens
RP Owens

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Concerned about the care my mother is getting this time. Most of the time they are very good here, Doctors, nursing staff. This time there was a charge nurse who worked Sunday night, Her name was Miranda, She confined my mother to her bed after they told her she needed to walk around because even though my Mom is sick she still has a good sense of humor and she was joking with one of the other nurses. Miranda came in on the end of a conversation and told my mom that she was crazy and that she was going to make her stay in her bed. My mom is there being treated for Pneumonia, she was told to get up and move around to help her get better. I can not believe the nerve of this nurse Miranda. This upset my mother. Further more they are not giving her meds on time, my mom is having to ask for them. I am shocked by the level of care my mom is getting at this point and time. Normally they are very caring and work hard to take care of those that are there sick. I need to speak to someone at the hospital but do not know who to contact. I have never been so unhappy about the care my mother is getting at this hospital. This morning I have learned her pic line is blocked and they have done nothing to correct the problem. I know you staff is busy and has many patients, but that does not excuse bad care, or being attentive to your patients. My Mother is a strong woman who fights tooth and nail to get better, she has battled Cancer and continues to fight a good fight. But going into the hospital with Pneumonia she has gotten weaker by the day and nothing has been done to address this issue. It is pretty bad when the patient has to ask someone for the medicine they are suppose to be getting on a timely basis.

Sylvia Ruiz
Sylvia Ruiz

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Absolutely best care around!! anyone you come in contact with absolutely cares and goes over and above to care for you. Very professional staff. 5 star facility for sure!!

loc chong
loc chong

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

My mom went in for a soft tissue X-Ray on July 10, 2018 and she doesn’t speak English well, so as her son it is my job to translate. The nurses were nice, however the reception lady with the short blonde hair was having an attitude, and the doctor who was doing the X-Ray was arrogant. It was unprofessional to see her lash out in front of a patient by making a snarky comment, “Is it that hard to translate?” Yes it is hard to translate, speaking two languages back and forward is hard.


1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

If you are in need of a doctor after hours, believe it or not, they don't have one on staff. So if you happen to be in excruciating pain, all that the fake but friendly nurse can give you is what's been modified, without your knowledge or consent, from your chart. I don't care if you're screaming in pain and have an available IV in, nope, only what's on your chart.
You see, when you pre-register, an unknown doctor reviews your chart and removes some of your critical meds and replaces them with what HE sees fit. So if you start to feel a bit off during your stay, it's because you're going through withdraws. Isn't that nice? Pray this doesn't happen to you, it's a nightmare. I had the displeasure of the above happen to me. I ended up on the bathroom floor puking my guts out while my attending nurse freaked out & called the Charge nurse & security guards in. Once lifted onto my bed both nurses left to chat, leaving me in the hands of the guards who began swapping jokes. Keep in mind, I'm still moaning in horrible pain. The Charge nurse returned to tell me that all she could do was bump up a charted pain med an hour. For there was NO doctor to approve anything not on my chart. There was no system in place to deal with anything but the norm. No patient in the care of a so-called 'Top 25' in health care hospital should experience the level of pain I did. Their nurses may display a great fake smile but they're so burned out, they could truly care less. While I walked the halls during recovery, I heard people screaming for nurses while in severe distress. After I passed those rooms I walked by the central nurses station. Even though they could hear the screams, they were telling jokes and laughing. Just knowing mothers, fathers, grandma's and Grandpa's were laying here with their children unbeknownst just broke my heart.
Everything just seemed to change when the sun went down. A nurse actually called my wife on this night, at 1:30 in the morning, asking her if she could drive from Cornelius to Statesville to pick me up. Yes I'm serious. Realizing she couldn't drive due to prescribed meds impairing her ability to safely drive, she communicated with the Charge nurse. Long, short, I pleaded for sunrise as my wife missed work to pick me up. Never again.

Danny Cantner
Danny Cantner

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Both of my youngest kids have pink eye the PA never examined their eyes she was scared to open the door and come in the room. We was there to get my five-year-old check for strep she wouldn't even look in his throat barely check his ears same thing on my four year old the PA was very unprofessional didn't seem to care about the well-being of my children at all. She opened the door saying my son's eyes was red went back out the door said she had a phone call and was gone for about 30-45 minutes. She had the nurse swab my son's throat came back about five minutes later said it was negative for strep knowing that the labs take longer than that diagnosed him wrong. Took him to his pediatric doctor the next day he diagnosed them and told us not to fill the prescription that she gave that it was do no good.

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