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48 reviews
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  • Speech Therapy

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  • Inpatient Surgery

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  • Obstetrics

Need your medical records from Island Hospital?


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48 reviews

Taylor Hutchinson

I went to the ER yesterday unfortunately for a miscarriage. The staff there were excellent. Very understanding and kind. I do not like hospitals but they made me feel at ease the whole time. I was there for a bit of time (4/5 hours) but that is to be expected for an ER or walk-in.

Katie Justis

Late night arrival, on a very busy night and I was treated with compassion and kindness. From triage to recovery, every person introduced themselves, explained what was going to happen, and was extremely kind. I was overwhelmed with the level of care I received. I was in extreme pain and they worked very quickly to diagnose so that they could treat me properly and I am so grateful. Thank you

Paul Samson

ER nurse was very rude. Went there with my girlfriend who was bitten buy a dog. She was bleeding and the nurse behind the glass was ignoring us, talking to other nurses. My girlfriend was very nervous, knowing that she needed stitches and to stop the bleeding. She tapped on the glass. The nurse snapped at her, and told her, to sit down and wait to be called. And not to tap on the glass again. I then took my girlfriend to Miriam Hospital. Which is another lifespan Hospital. She was taking right in and stitched up, by a very efficient carrying doctor Perry I believe her name was. You need more people like, the very efficient people at Miriam emergency room. And the wonderful doctor that took care of her. Send a girl from Rhode Island Hospital to, Jerry Springer Veterinary Clinic she might fit in better.! Visited 6 / 21/ 19. At around 2

Andi Haze

I came in with chest pains, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, and a severe anxiety attack because I was scared and had reactive airway problems. They triaged me right away at 12am and said I was next to be called. At 1am i still hadn't been seen. I walked up to the nurse who was texting instead of doing her job and asked how much longer the wait would be. She said your next so sit down. 30 mins went by and I was furious and scared clenching my chest as I watched others walk out too..I Returned to the desk where the 3 er nurses were sitting around laughing and not caring. I ripped off my braclet. And All I could say was "I'm going to a different hospital. You dont take my life seriously or anyone else here suffering waiting to be seen." And dropped the mic as I left. Hoping what I said resonated. Im hoping no one seeking immediate care died or otherwise suffered under thier negligence.

Charles Gonzalez

I am still at the emergency room waiting to be seen. I am a patient person so I don’t mind waiting. what I do mind is how me and my partner were treated and how others were being treated. For starters the nurse who checked us in and took my bpm was extremely rude. She pushed my arm down as if I was a child and then told me with an attitude to not move my arm. Next issue is the fact there was a teen waiting to be seen (and she was in a wheel chair) for two whole hours and it wasn’t until the mother spoke up that they were seen. Lastly, there was a Spanish elderly women who had fallen asleep in the waiting room chairs (and her name still has yet to be called) and rudely told her you can’t sleep like this, your not supposed to be even sleeping in here, are you checked in? And then promptly told her to put her shoes back on. This is an elderly women who’s been sitting here only god and the cameras know how long, if she needs to take her shoes off or rest her eye until her name is called then she should’ve just let her. Ever time we come here we wait 2-3 hour in the EMERGENCY ROOM. Worst hospital ever.