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1600 W 40th Ave, Pine Bluff, AR 71603, USA
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Consumer feedback about Jefferson Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Courtney Stout

Let me tell you about this hospital as a Pine Bluff resident. This is the WORST possible place to go for elderly patients who need help. My grandmother was nearly killed here because they didn't know what they were doing, six months with a perforated bowel, six months and no eating and her body was starving itself, two weeks up at UAMS she healed. At this very moment I sit in this hospital, the staff has some of the worst bedside manners. My step-grandpa was given a clean bill of health to leave the hospital and go to a rehab facility. TWO HOURS THERE and he's coughing up blood with his oxygen dipping below 50. This hospital wants nothing more than to drive up bills, and usher people out to get more space. They DO NOT help people. The emergency room is always filthy and the staff up front have no concern or care for the suffering of others and are more than happy to have little staff parties with the most shrill laughter and loudest voices they can. Unless you're truly on the brink of death, I recommend you seeking help else where. Furthermore, any positive review on here? I bet sweet, sweet money that they're either an employee, ex-employee, or a relative to someone working here trying to save what little reputation they have. Pathetic place with pathetic staff.

Rating: 1 /5

Stephanie Maxwell

My mom has not been given proper care on so many occasions at this facility that I can't list them all, but the most recent time (yesterday)-my mother, who was originally admitted into rehab for nonmovement of legs/ rehab due to mini -stroke, wasn't eating. Instead of giving her a feeding tube upon arrival into acute care from rehab, they stated this was to be the plan "after the holiday weekend". In the meantime, they put her in a room where the air conditioner wasn't working. It was over 80 degrees in there and my mother sweat through her nightgown twice. My sister had to change her clothing. When informed of the air situation, the nurse on duty stated that maintenance had been called and that it would be fixed "after the holiday". Seeing a trend here? My sister demanded that a port be put in for Mom because she was black and blue, and the nurse on duty once again replied that this would be done "after the holiday". My mother is 83 years old, her blood pressure was up, she wasn't responding verbally as she normally would, she had no energy, so my sister demanded at least an IV be put in. They put one in and Mom's vein collapsed. They allowed her to bleed all over the bed to which my sister had to change the sheets. They came in again and put another IV in, but NEVER connected it to the bag, never. That was the last straw. My family moved my Mom to Baptist in Little Rock at midnight last night. She received immediate, prompt, and obviously passionate care from Baptist. She has made a huge turn around now AND we got a diagnosis of why she wasn't eating. JRMC-I am ashamed of you, how you handled one of the most prize possessions I have, my MOTHER. For those on duty, who were responsible for my Mother's wellbeing. How dare you. You didn't even give her a wheel chair with feet support. They had to push her out of the hospital with her feet in a bucket because she couldn't even hold them up. #firstdonoharm remember that oath? How many people have died due to your staff's negligence? The world may never know.

Rating: 5 /5

Brenda Martin

Well my sister is currently a patient here. We had some issues with her doctor but thanks to Guest Relations (Verlne) was very nice and accomodating. She answered all of our questions about what was going on with my sister. As for her doctor very disappointing

Rating: 1 /5

Samantha Helms

ABSOLUTELY THE WORST HOSPITAL IN THE WORLD. In 2010 my dad had a stroke and jrmc is where the ambulance took him. When he arrived at the hospital they failed to give him a CAT scan. He complained for 4 days of a headache which they blew off. He died because his brain had been bleeding the whole time. Hands down worst hospital. I wouldn't take my worst enemy there for a scratch on their leg

Rating: 1 /5

cj jones

Upper Management in it to make their money. dont care about employees or patients. Very unprofessional.