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Consumer feedback about Jersey Shore University Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Justine Keane

Working with HR and Tim and his team the last year has been fantastic. They are prompt and caring. They are amazing assets to the Human Resources team, don't ever let them go!

Rating: 5 /5

Kim Isaga

I haven't been a patient at JSMC in 15 years until 8/2017. I was very surprised at the change in culture and the efficiency of all my care. The level of care by the ER staff, the staff on Booker 3rd floor, residents, specialists, maintenance and food services were all very compassionate, timely and worked together as a team. It was a very different experience than 15 years ago and it was comforting to have such a quality hospital local to my home. I truly can say there was not one staff person who I felt was lacking either in their job function or their attention to me as a patient at this hospital.

Rating: 1 /5

Patrick George

Hello! If you're trying to find the emergency room at Jersey Shore Medical Center, it's hidden down some dark alleys behind the hospital for your convenience. Don't try going through the front sliding door, it doesn't work. Instead, walk through the small ratchety door on the right- hopefully you're not in a rush for an "emergency" or something. You may be greeted by a robotic woman at the front desk who will be pissed off at you for coming in with a problem- and tell you that your address is not valid. See that waiting room with a dozen people in face masks? Go sit there. We won't debrief you or inform you at all why they are wearing those. Want to come back and ask for a face mask to avoid whatever flu plague is in the hospital? So annoying- we ran out anyways. Here- take these masks designed for an 8 year old. We do have the Olympics on though in the waiting room- it inspires us to set records: for how long we can get our patients to wait and how cold the administration is for prioritizing profit over the health and safety of our patients and employees. Seriously though, pack some camping equipment and hunker down for the whole night just to be seen by a doctor for 5 minutes. Hungry after waiting for 4 hours? Damn could you be any more needy? The cafeteria is closed all night for your convenience but the vending machine has some overpriced nut and candy delicacies. Arrive at 8:00pm here and then walk out crestfallen into the morning sunrise like you had just been to a disappointing all-night rave- in which you didn't meet anyone who wanted to talk to you- and were drugged. In case you're a tv show director, an emergency room experience here could be the inspiration for a horror comedy show series on Netflix- it would be called "Waiting Room" and, unlike the patients at this emergency room, it may actually be seen.

Rating: 5 /5

Arthur Daly

I just had surgery yesterday and I’m feeling well enough to answer this survey. The team that was in charge of my whole surgical experience was truly amazing. From the time I arrived in the parking lot my worries were gone. The parking attendants took my vehicle and gave my wife a number to call when we were ready to leave. The guard checked my information and gave me quick directions, which were accurate. I arrived on time to the check in desk and after a few moments they escorted us into a holding room where I undressed and got my party outfit on. The nurse checked me in, starting my IV in one stick and I awaited the Dr. my Dr. stopped in to see me and discuss any last minute concerns. Next, the anesthesia team came in and presented a plan to knock me out. I had time for questions but they explained everything perfectly. I woke up in another area, discharge I believe. The nurse I had was fantastic and I didn’t want for anything. After a few hours of recovery they called for my vehicle and it was brought right to the door! With a short wheelchair ride outside I was on my way home. I’m thrilled with the service I received from Hackensack Meridian yesterday.

Rating: 5 /5

Mandy Heiman

Valet, Security, friendly staff, and a phenomenal trauma hospital. Too big, but I guys that's good and it keeps growing!